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Retexture project of the dragon priest masks.

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Added Compatibility patch for Warmonger Armory (Lets you wear a Mask on your belt, pretty nifty)
Warmonger Armory and My main file needed, Apply patch Last, Overwrite when prompted. NMM friendly.

****When downloading multiple masks individually with NMM, if it asks you to upgrade select no.****

The main file will contain all completed masks, the optional files will allow you to download masks individually.

A retexture project of the dragon Priest Masks using my Apophysis Fractal Art.

This is a WiP, Main file will contain all masks and hoods I have completed, and optional files are reserved for those who just want specific masks.

Use NMM or drop data folder into your skyrim directory, merge when asked.

Uninstallation, uninstall via NMM
No scripts or anything, just a texture replacer.

Open Dragon Priest Masks Patches Re-Uploaded. Patches in miscellaneous files section.
Completely Optional.

Link to ODPM, Calyps Open dragon priest masks

To install with ODPM, Install My main file, or ODPM's Main file first, does not really matter at this point, when asked to overwrite, do so or not. (Only the Patch overwrite matters)

If you install ODPM Via NMM, all the optional files for it will be in your data folder beginning with 00.

Depending on what variation of ODPM you choose (Regular, Variant 1, or Khajiit Variant 1) , choose the corresponding patch in my Miscellaneous files section, when asked to overwrite, do so.


** Note, I noticed when downloading the Main ODPM file with NMM it by default installs the SKYRE esp version, if you do not use SKYRE this will cause a crash on startup due to a missing master. So, if you do NOT use SKYRE navigate to your data folder where ODPM places all the optional files (Beginning in 00) and choose the non SKYRE esp of your choice.)**

**Also as of THIS POINT ON I *****WILL NOT**** be updating the ODPM patches or providing support for them UNLESS there is a texture/mesh bug that is from my patch. (Which would just cause my mask texture not to appear.) Remember, my mod is just a replacer, it has no ESP.**

Should be compatible with Konahriks Accoutrements. Yay.

Missing head bug when wearing a mask and archmage robes is a vanilla bug, there are quite a few other mods that fix this, just search "archmage".

Thanks to Bethesda for the game, The fine folks who download, endorse, and leave such kind comments.

And I'd like to thank Cactuar and Gurdy for their continued support.