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  1. Griptzion
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    'Teleport' and 'Mark and Recall' must now be bought from Tolfdir.



    v5.0 Beta 2

    -Changed the frequency of spells appearing on Tolfdir so that he will always have both.
    -Lowered spell cooldown times by half. Maximum of 5 minutes under 10 Alteration to 0 at 100 Alteration. Lowers by 30 seconds every 10 Alteration levels.
    -Added new mechanic to Alteration Mastery: Movement slowing penalty while casting. Maximum of 50% under 10 Alteration to 0 at 100 Alteration. Lowers by 5% every 10 Alteration levels.
    -Added new Cheat Mode config 'No Movement Penalty'
    -Reduced the price of spell tomes.
    -Added small descriptions in MCM when highlighting options.
    -The old config shout is now automatically removed from players.
    -Fixed a few small issues with update checking scripts.


    Here is my current WIP idea list for the next version:


    Added MCM support! DONE
    Most configuration options have been moved to the MCM DONE
    Added Dragonborn Support! DONE
    Added the ability to name Marked Locations! DONE
    Various improvements to the conditionals for some menus. CURRENTLY WORKING ON
    Various improvements to menu text. CURRENTLY WORKING ON
    Removed config shout as everything is handled by the MCM configs. DONE
    Seamless Menu Transitioning DONE
    Complete scripts rewrite. DONE

    Added 'All-Maker Stones' to Shrines DONE
    Added all 11 dragon lairs to Shrines DONE
    Added 'Raven Rock' with own sub-menu to Towns DONE
    Added 'Skaal Village' to Villages DONE
    Added 'Tel Mithryn' to Villages DONE
    Added 'Severin Manor' to Houses DONE

    Alteration mastery scaling (Configurable) DONE
    Mana cost is now tied to various factors (Configurable) DONE
    XP gained is now tied to various factors (Configurable) DONE
    Concentration level (Configurable) DONE
    Random occurrences (Configurable) CURRENTLY WORKING ON
    Spell Cooldown (Configurable) DONE

    Selective enable/disable of most locations. CURRENTLY WORKING ON
    Disable random occurrences DONE
    Disable spell cooldown DONE
    Disable 'Return' option DONE
    (Many more unlisted) DONE

    Various small tweaks, fixes, optimizations, and other things I've forgotten.
  2. KL0UDI
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    i sat here for 8 hours in past two days trying to figure outthe teleport and return and i got sent scripts to do so but these scripts didnt work and ALL THIS TIME THIS FKING MOD WAS ON HERE >.> couldve saved me 8 hours of bs and i wouldnt hate ppl 2 % more after that 8 hours bs

    welp i havent tryed it but idc i got it downloaded and that all that matters i recommend this mod even if i havent tryed it why? because i can
  3. joshep1986
    • member
    • 225 posts
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    Great mod!! I have a question... is there any way to add my own customs teleport's locations but in the main teleport spell menu (not in the mark and recall spell menu)? I don't know if I can do it without the resouces files...
  4. kanekihaise777
    • member
    • 3 posts
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    Can you make a Special Edition version?
  5. Derwan
    • member
    • 273 posts
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    a non-concentration version that works with grimy's hotcast spells and apocalypse's "knowledge is power" spell would be amazing. 
  6. GuruJuju
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    • 692 posts
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    do I have to convert this into form 44 or something like that in creation kit for sse?

  7. Sibbs99
    • member
    • 336 posts
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    Please Make Special Edition Version
    all the mark and recall SE mods are crap
    compared to this
    1. Archizzle
      • member
      • 7 posts
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      Download and install the mod JContainer SE. Then install this mod after. Works perfectly, no need to port it. :)
  8. zerorage1983
    • member
    • 182 posts
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    please make a port to SSE, i try to use this mod over my SSE games, the only part that dont work is the part that is link to JContainers as JContainers cannot be loaded via SKSE 64.

    Most of the functions work, but I have to disable cooldown as I think cooldown is linked to JContainers.

    If you can let us know which functions are linked to JContainers, we can disable them and use the mod in SSE
    1. BladeBraverBureba
      • premium
      • 29 posts
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      I know this is an old post, but good news: JContainers works now.
    2. edcase7
      • member
      • 58 posts
      • 5 kudos
      I can confirm, This mod works on SSE with JContainers SE 4.1.3
  9. CyrusPhoenix
    • member
    • 32 posts
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    I've been getting game freezes and infinite load screens on occasion while I'm using the spell. Has anyone else ran into this? I am already using enboost and my system way more than is needed to play skyrim.

    P.S. I love the mod! Best way to get around quickly.
  10. ZeBuceta
    • member
    • 102 posts
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    would be nice a non concentration version to be used with smartcast. mark and recall on my game isnt working. i can cast it just fine, but i cant move the cursor around, only the highlighting, and the keys to navigate are wrong, it asks to press R to move forward and tab to exit and but i can only press tab and all it does is choose the first option, so i end up always marking the same place overriding over and over again.
  11. Gunrunner66
    • member
    • 491 posts
    • 4 kudos
    I love the idea, and I was very enthused over the vast breadth of features available. Unfortunately jcontainers 3.1.1 obliterated AHHotkeys, which relies on an earlier version of jcontainers. I know, mod conflict and not a bug, but I can't play Skyrim without AH. My loss.

    Still, ambitious and it looks hella cool. Endorsed anyway.