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For those who need one and for just plain convenience.

File 1 Clean Save
I've only done quests that led up to the unlocking of Lydia.
Haven't done any other quests and haven't leveled any skills.
I also discovered all the main cities for more convenience, and some locations along the way. Nothing too game breaking :) I didn't use a mod for this just so you know.

File 2 Clean Save at Riverwood
Did new game intro and saved once I reached Riverwood. Nothing else done.

File 3 Clean Save at Whiterun
Same as file 2, but saved at Whiterun. No quests done.

To customize your character further use the "ShowRaceMenu" command on your console by hitting the ` key.

To use this save. Follow These Steps
Download the file.
Unzip the file.
Move file to documents, My games, Skyrim, Saves and drop it there.
Open up Skyrim and load the game