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This mod makes it so all the vanilla Skyrim player-owned homes belong to you and have all the upgrades applied. You can use this as a cheat mod or something to fix a glitched house buying quest.

Permissions and credits
Mod: Houses Free and Furnished 1_1
Game: TES V: Skyrim
Author: David Brasher
Date: 4/7/12
1. Information on the Mod
2. Installation
3. Version History
4. Conflicts, Known Issues, and Troubleshooting
5. Copy Status and Credits
This mod makes it so all the vanilla Skyrim player-owned homes belong to you and have
all the upgrades applied. You can use this as a cheat mod or something to fix a glitched
house buying quest.

The five houses are:

Breezehome - Whiterun
Hjerim - Windhelm
Honeyside - Riften
Proudspire Manor - Solitude
Vlindrel Hall - Markarth

You own the houses and have the upgrades from the time you activate the mod or start
a new character. The doors are not locked and you and your spouse can move right in.

The main version of the .esp may cause issues with the quest "Blood on the Ice" at
Hjerim. So you can choose to use the alternate .esp which does not give you Hjerim and cannot
interfere with the quest, or you can use the main version of the .esp and install a patch to
clean up the yucky stuff in Hjerim after the quest is over, if the game does not do it
2. Installation
Choose what you want to install:

(If you are confused by all this or have no preferences or issues, just install this first one.)
(1) Houses Free and Furnished.esp: The main and default .esp Gives you the five houses free and
furnished. May cause problems with Hjerim and the "Blood on the Ice quest."
This version requires that its scripts be installed.

(2) Houses Free and Furnished but Not Hjerim.esp: Only gives you four houses, but does not cause
any problems with the "Blood on the Ice" quest. This version requires that a
different set of scripts be installed than the default version.

(3) Houses Free and Furnished Hjerim Cleaned Up Patch.esp: Use in conjunction with "Houses Free and
Furnished.esp." Install after the "Blood on the Ice" quest if the gory stuff
doesn't go away, or use before the quest if you choose not to play it. This
patch does not require any additional scripts.

Extract (decompress) the .esp and scripts to your Skyrim directory.
(It will be something like *Installation directory*\Skyrim\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data)
Mark the box next to the Plugin in your mod manager.

Alternately, extract someplace else. Then move the .esp and scripts to Skyrim\Data.
Mark the box next to the plugin in your mod manager.

If you use the main file (1) and the patch (3) then your load order must be manually set
up like this because the patch is not mastered so Wrye Bash will not warn you if you are installing
things wrong:

Houses Free and Furnished.esp
Houses Free and Furnished Hjerim Cleaned Up Patch.esp

Mod removal: You will need to remove the .esps and the scripts. You will need to either
reinstall your backup vanilla Skyrim script "qf_housepurchase_000a7b33.pex/
qf_housepurchase_000a7b33.pcs" or install the contents of the "Scripts - Uninstallation" folder
included in the download.
3. Version History
V 1.1 4/7/12Added Hjerim cleaned up patch and variant without Hjerim. More modcleaning.
Changed documentation. Changed packaging.
V 1.0 4/6/12Initial release.
4. Conflicts, Known Issues, and Troubleshooting
You probably shouldn't use this mod. It is here as a last resort for if all else

This mod was built primarily as a bugfix mod for people with unexplained house
purchasing glitches that could not be fixed by console. It was built to deal with situations
where the questcoding and scripting has clearly failed, so it can not be constructed in an
elegant fashion using lots of scripting and questcoding to fix things, because if the original
scripting questcoding is failing, any new scripting questcoding would be expected to fail on
these same problem computers/load orders/savegames.

This mod does not fit quite right with Hjerim, the house in Windhelm, because it is
involved with the crime-solving Blood on the Ice. You will encounter anomalies such as gory
stuff in your nice house, your door suddenly being locked, and you having to pick it, the quest
not working right, and not having the gory stuff automatically removed from your house after
the quest is completed.

This mod was designed primarily as a bugfix mod to install after things go wrong,
and the quest in Hjerim was something that occurred before the time period for which this mod
was designed to be used.

To provide options in dealing with this situation, a patch has been made which
you can install at the point when you want the gory stuff to go away. (like after you complete
the quest for instance.) There is also a variant which gives you the four other houses. but
does not give you Hjerim free and furnished so that the mod cannot cause any problems with the

I have mostly left the housecarl stuff alone. So in some cases that part of the
house will not be furnished until you become a thane and acquire a housecarl.

This mod might interfere with the quests to become a thane. That has not been
tested yet.

This mod pretty much uses the hand grenade approach rather than the rapier approach.
Various people have one house purchasing quest or another glitch out and they can't fix it with
console codes. So what do I do? I go berserk and say, "Well fine then! If the flipping stupid
junk software won't work, then I am going to take all my marbles and go home!" (And I will
stomp my feet noisily on the way out and slam the door too.) Instead of fixing the little
problem, I just tried to fix any and all possible house buying problems in one fell swoop.
"Fine be that way! Here! Take all the houses! Take all the upgrades!" (Sometimes I have
trouble with responding to adversity in a proportional fashion.)

This mod ends up being a cheat mod because it gives out thousands of Septims of
real estate and furniture for free. But a gamer could choose to use it more as a bug-fix mod.
He or she could only take possession of a particular house after trying to complete the required
quest and only then activate this mod if there are problems that can't be overcome with console
codes. And then the player could just take possession of the single house rather than all five.

This mod has only been lightly tested.

If you locate a bug, contact David Brasher on TES Nexus so that the situation can be
examined and can hopefully be fixed.
5. Copy Status and Credits
Credits: Bethesda for making Skyrim in an open format anyone can mod.

Copy Status: Public domain with no limitations. You may use things from this mod in your own
mod and distribute it. You do not need to credit me or notify me.