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Adds 70 smithable special effect Freyja gems, 4 gem makers, a gem silencer.

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Hello Dovahkiins

As the dovahkiin a dragonslayer you should look cool, dangerous, powerful, or just like a God :D but wearing any armor looks average and after enchanting your armor, it looks the same like before. Now you can change this and become a real powerful badass dovahkiin :-)
These 18 Freyja special effect gems provides you with the right "special" power. To use this effects, you don't need to spare an enchantment slot or sacrifice any piece of weapon, armor, or jewelry, just equip any Freyja gem you want.


Every gem contains two or more effects. You can combine the gems, to look even more powerful, but if you do this, not every effect will show up. Only the simple gems can be combined without this drawback.
Because this effects looks awesome in 3rd person mode, but some can be disturbing in 1st person, I added an auto off switch, when in 1st, but when you want the Freyja effects in 1st person too, use the Freyja Gems Continuum.

This is only special effect, it will not make you stronger or weaker and when you sneak in the darkness and glow like a Christmas tree, don't panic! This will not affect your sneaking ability.

You can smith the gems at any forge in the jewelry section, you will need a filled common soul gem, a gold or silver ingot and various jewelry gems.
Not to bloat up your forge jewelery section you need to smith the Freyja gem maker first and only when you have one in your inventory, the Freyja gems will appear as a smithing option.

If you hate the continuous sound effects craft the Freyja gems silencer. When you want a silenced gem, just have the silencer in your inventory and equip your favorite gem without sounds.

The Simple gems are simplified special effects without membrane shader (no skin modifications), that makes the effects fully compatible, so now it's possible to combine the gems to make even more cool effects, like a bloody demonic effect.

There is a chest on the back side of Breezehome in Whiterun with every freyja item inside. The chest is not respawnable, so it should be save to store anything inside, like in a house.


The Freyja special effect base gems are:

Freyja's Blood Gem
Freyja's Demonic Gem
Freyja's Evil Gem
Freyja's Flame Gem
Freyja's Forest Gem
Freyja's Frost Gem
Freyja's Ghost Gem
Freyja's Holy Gem
Freyja's Holy Fire Gem
Freyja's Lightning Gem
Freyja's Peace Gem
Freyja's Storm Gem
Freyja's Wisper Gem
Freyja's Bubble Gem
Freyja's Flash Gem
Freyja's Shadow Gem
Freyja's Steam Gem
Freyja's Violent Gem



German by powerbenny1706:
German translation direct link


Installing: Use the Nexus Mod Manager or copy the esp file to your Skyrim/Data folder and select it in the Skyrim launcher.

Sometimes when you equip a new gem, the effects don't show up, if that happens just re-equip or enter and exit the 1st person mode.


Version 1.1

-Fix for crash on death glitch on The Evil and The Demonic Gem.

-Added fading on The Ghost Gem.

Version 2.0
-all gems are now scripted
-the Continuum gems are now included in the main file
-added 3 new gems
-added The Freyja Gems Silencer to mute the gem sound effects
-new crafting restriction via Freyja Gem Makers

Version 3.0
-added new gem series Simple and Simple Continuum
-added 2 new gems
-added a NOT respawnable freyja gems chest

Possible future features:
-new gems
-better eye glow effects


Freyja ("Lady") is in the Norse mythology the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, gold, sorcery, war, and death.

This Freyja Gems mod adds now 75 items, so if I miss some bugs write a comment and don't forget to endorse...

Thanks to Brodual for this video :-)

Wish much fun and greetings from Slovakia :D
Tom (Space Wiking)