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  1. Loni4ever
    • supporter
    • 184 posts
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    I used the lectern and one of the books. Thank you :)
  2. LegendLegacy
    • supporter
    • 786 posts
    • 4 kudos
    These look great. Well done!
  3. EnaiSiaion
    • premium
    • 32,625 posts
    • 9,153 kudos
    Careful! While the mod description says you can use these without permission if credit is given, the actual permission list says you are not allowed to use this without notifying the author and getting permission.
    1. AriaGrill
      • member
      • 203 posts
      • 2 kudos
      That's because of how Nexus updated. The author never got around to changing it
  4. Chickenator587
    • member
    • 106 posts
    • 3 kudos
    hello, i'm kind of a nood at modder's resources. how do i use these in my own mod?
  5. AndreeaA
    • supporter
    • 518 posts
    • 147 kudos
    Heartfelt thanks for all your resource packages. I’ve used some of them in my houses, Lakeview. Manor - as it should be and Windstad Inn and Dark Lair.
  6. Mannenyuki
    • premium
    • 718 posts
    • 175 kudos
    Thanks for these resources and thanks again for all the others that you've created. I've used them in my mod, Winterhold Restored.
  7. minieyke
    • member
    • 71 posts
    • 0 kudos
    Was having the texture problem too.

    This should really get mentioned in the description because the file path is specific and case sensitive and without the error message I got from the CK - and my last-ditch effort be to try the specific file path it mentions - I'm not sure how I would've known what was wrong. Especially since the file pathway you get for textures when you download the files won't work.

    So here is what you need to do if you're missing textures: go into Skyrim/Data/textures

    There create the file "aars"IT IS CASE SENSITIVE when you download the files it's all uppercase and for whatever reason CK can't find it
    Open "aars" and create the file "openbook"AGAIN case sensitive
    Open "openbook" and place the textures there
    Open CK and voila

    For some reason the meshes can be anywhere or in any file name you please as long as they are in Skyrim/Data/meshes but hey consistency might help you stay organized.

    Thank you for the assets!
  8. TwinCrows
    • supporter
    • 1,051 posts
    • 399 kudos
    From your foundations, I've made stoverjim's retextures of these books gameplay and physics-enabled in NarrativeLoot - Open Books!
  9. SisterLibertine
    • premium
    • 10 posts
    • 1 kudos
    I've run into the same red ! when I place the book into a cell. The model preview works fine until after I've placed it, but then the red exclamation appears in both the cell and the model previewer. Oddly, when playing the object shows up correctly. I figured it was a loading problem with the creation kit. So, I went back in and refreshed it (F5 with some computer keyboard layouts). Everything was correct and no red !s. I'm curious whether this fixed anyone else's problems likewise.
    1. chrishpz
      • premium
      • 1,753 posts
      • 62 kudos
      I'm having the same problem with the Lecturn.nif I think the problem is from installing these resources while Creation Kit is open. All is well now
  10. wintergirl9
    • member
    • 1 posts
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    Hi, I have been using creation kit for awhile, and I saw this mod, but I am having tons of trouble even trying to get the mod to appear in creation kit. I've put it in the data folder yet nothing happens. Many mods similar to this tell me I have to install Nifscope and that made it even more confusing. If any one could give me a clear, direct way to install and use this mod I would be immensely grateful.
    1. chrishpz
      • premium
      • 1,753 posts
      • 62 kudos
      Hi Wintergirl, in order to use resources like these, the files in the downloaded archive need to go inside the Data folder. From there, open Creation Kit and make a new static object. To make a new static object, follow these steps.

      1. In the Object Window, double click the "Static" tree. This will expose all the static objects in the game.
      2. In the Object Window->Editor ID pane, right click and select "New"
      3. Give your new static object an ID. I usually do something like "mod_name_DescriptionOfObject"
      4. In the dialog box, there's a field for model. Click on the Edit button.
      5. Then navigate to where ever the nif file is.

      So in the case of these resources, the nif files are going to be located in Data/Meshes/AARS/OpenBook/