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Last updated at 4:03, 20 May 2017 Uploaded at 9:15, 1 Apr 2012

This mod has been ported to the Skyrim Special Edition - if you would like to use this mod in that version of the game it can be found >>HERE<<

Your fingers getting a cramp in them from clicking on the crafting dialogue hundreds of times a gaming session?  Perhaps I can help...

This mod adds batch crafting recipes to both the Tanning Rack and the Smelter crafting stations.  You can process your raw crafting materials into usable crafting items in batch lots at various multiples of the default recipes.  The numbers I've chosen to use should make sense given the base amounts required for crafting as set by Bethesda, if you feel otherwise let me know and perhaps they can be adjusted.

***  As of v1.1 the Dawnguard DLC is now required to use this mod - please use the original 1.0 version if you do not have Dawnguard installed in your game  ***

Ingot Crafting

Single Ore Ingot Crafting - Iron

 1 Ore = 1 Ingot     [default]
 3 Ore = 3 Ingots
 5 Ore = 5 Ingots
10 Ore = 10 Ingots
20 Ore = 20 Ingots

Two Ore Ingot Crafting - Steel

 1 Corundum Ore + 1 Iron Ore = 1 Steel Ingot     [default]
 3 Corundum Ore + 3 Iron Ore = 3 Steel Ingots
 5 Corundum Ore + 5 Iron Ore = 5 Steel Ingots
10 Corundum Ore + 10 Iron Ore = 10 Steel Ingots
20 Corundum Ore + 20 Iron Ore = 20 Steel Ingots

Double Ore Ingot Crafting - all other mineral types except Dwarven

 2 Ore = 1 Ingot     [default]
 6 Ore = 3 Ingots
10 Ore = 5 Ingots
20 Ore = 10 Ingots
40 Ore = 20 Ingots


6 Quicksilver Ore = 3 Quicksilver Ingots
10 Ebony Ore = 5 Ebony Ingots
20 Gold Ore = 10 Gold Ingots
20 Iron Ore = 20 Iron Ingots
40 Corundum Ore = 20 Corundum Ingots

Dwarven Ingot Crafting   *** NEW in v1.1 ***

Dwarven ingot crafting is different from normal ingot crafting in that the ingots are created from melted down Dwarven metal rather than mined as an ore, as such there are quite a few new recipes added in the latest version of this mod that use various items of Dwarven metal and scrap that you can find scattered all over their ruins and storehouses.  The following items have all had additional Batch Crafting Recipes added for them and follow similar patterns as the defaults:

Bent Dwemer Scrap Metal
Dwemer Scrap Metal
Large Decorative Dwemer Strut
Large Dwemer Plate Metal
Large Dwemer Strut
Small Dwemer Plate Metal
Solid Dwemer Metal


3 Bent Dwemer Scrap Metal = 9 Dwarven Metal Ingots
5 Solid Dwemer Metal = 25 Dwarven Metal Ingots
20 Large Decorative Dwemer Strut = 40 Dwarven Metal Ingots

Arrow and Bolt Crafting   *** NEW in v1.1 ***

This feature was added to Blacksmith Forges by the Dawnguard DLC.  This mod now includes support for that aspect of the DLC as all arrows and bolts able to be crafted now have additional Batch Crafting Recipes included with this version.  These additional recipes respect any quest or perk requirements just as they do for the default recipes, so you'll need the appropriate perk or completed quest before the new recipes will appear.


3 Daedra Heart + 3 Ebony Ingot + 3 Firewood = 72 Daedric Arrows     [Requires: Daedric Smithing Perk]
5 Firewood + 5 Moonstone Ingot = 120 Elven Arrows     [Requires: Elven Smithing Perk]
10 Fire Salts + 100 Dwarven Bolts = 100 Exploding Dwarven Bolts of Fire     [Requires: Dwarven Smithing Perk + Quests]

Leather Crafting from Hides and Pelts

The numbers for the Tanning Rack crafting recipes are all over the place as Bethesda made the various pelts and leather yield a wide variety of material counts by default.  I've preserved this pattern for the added recipes, they are merely extensions of the base system to reduce the crafting clickfest that currently exists.  Some examples to give you an idea of how the new recipes work:

Leather Crafting from Deer Hides

 1 Deer Hide  = 2 Leather     [default]
 5 Deer Hides = 10 Leather
10 Deer Hides = 20 Leather
20 Deer Hides = 40 Leather

Leather Crafting from Snow Bear Hides

 1 Snow Bear Hide  = 4 Leather     [default]
 5 Snow Bear Hides = 20 Leather
10 Snow Bear Hides = 40 Leather
20 Snow Bear Hides = 80 Leather

Leather Strip Crafting from Leather

 1 Leather = 4 Leather Strips     [default]
 5 Leather = 20 Leather Strips
10 Leather = 40 Leather Strips
20 Leather = 80 Leather Strips

And so on and so forth, you get the idea of how the pattern works at this point I'm sure.  Recipes for all the rest of the pelts in the standard game are included and follow similar increase ratios as related to their base items.

*** NEW in v1.1 ***     All of the Dawnguard added pelts such as those from the Vale creatures have had additional recipes added.

Over  170  total new batch crafting recipes are added by this mod as of version 1.1.


Be aware that all of the higher count recipes do NOT appear unless you're carrying at least a certain level of required raw materials in your inventory already.  This is to cut down on menu clutter and spam as you end up with a huge list you'd be scrolling through a lot if they were to all show up by default.  The lower tier of recipes is always visible, this is the base crafting recipe and the 1st tier of my added recipes.  Starting with the higher tiers, you must have a set minimum that varies between the crafting components for a particular recipe to show up.

Perk and even quest requirements in some cases are also possible on some of the new recipes (specifically the Dawnguard DLC-related crossbow bolts) to maintain balance and Bethesda's original intent so check your character perks and quest log if you think a recipe is missing when it shouldn't be as you may not have met the requirements for the recipes to appear.

The Tanning Rack and Smelter crafting stations have been edited to allow for gains in Smithing skill XP, as that would seem to me to be a rather integral part of the entire creation and tempering process when improving or creating new items.

Future Plans and Requests

This mod should now cover every needed recipe in the game so that the crafting spamfest is reduced to a large degree.  If I've missed any obvious candidates for recipes to remove or at least cut down on this issue, let me know and it may be added in a future version.  Dragonborn and/or Hearthfires DLC support would be possible but didn't seem needed from what I could tell as those DLCs didn't add much in the way of any crafting recipes that would need help from this mod.  If you disagree, again let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Compatibility and Load Order

Should be fine to use with any other crafting tweak or overhaul mod and in basically any load order position as this is all new rather than edited data, none of this should conflict unless another mod has done something really strange and out there with the default crafting system and menus.  As long as you still go through the default crafting interfaces you should be fine using this mod.

The only chance of a conflict should be in relation to the skill gain for creating items and Tanning Racks and Smelters.  If another mod has also altered these crafting stations in some fashion, there will be a conflict.  Worse case, you (probably) won't have your game crash, you simply won't gain Smithing skill when creating new items at these stations as this mod is intending.  Move the conflicting mod or this mod higher/lower in your load order so you get the desired effect.


Standard install, use the mod manager of your choice to install or just drop the esp file into your Data directory manually and activate it.


Deactivate the file in your chosen mod manager and delete the esp if you installed manually.  Shouldn't in theory have any affect on save games, but do be aware that removing mods from an active save game is generally not a good idea - proceed at your own risk.