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About this mod

Adds new recipes and foods to the game.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Czech
This mod adds new food items and recipes to the game. Items include:
Mushroom Soup (with unique texture)
Braised Beef (with unique texture)
Hard-boiled Egg
Rabbit Stew
Seafood Soup
Goat Stew (with unique texture)
Steamed Clams
Smoked Salmon
Mammoth Fondue
Pheasant Stew
Chicken Soup
Hunter's Pie
Stuffed Gourd
Salted Longfin
Bread Soup
Equine Stew
Dogmeat Stew
Slaughterfish Meat

Appropriate items have been added to leveled lists, so you will occasionally find some of them for sale at inns or in loot.

New recipes for vanilla items:
Baked Potatoes
Grilled Leeks
Sweet Roll
Seared Slaughterfish

Slaughterfish Meat has been added to the Slaughterfish death item list.

Additional items in the Dragonborn patch: Baked Yam, Yam Soup, Sweet Yam Pie, Boar and Apple Stew, Ash Hopper Stew and Pickled Ash Hopper Leg.
The patch also adds a recipe for Cooked Boar Meat.

Manual: extract the contents of the archive to your SkyrimData folder and activate CookingExpanded.esp in the launcher or your mod manager.
Manual uninstall: Deactivate CookingExpanded.esp, then remove it along with CookingExpanded.bsa from your Data folder.

Wrye: put the archive in your Bash Installers folder and install it normally

NMM: should work through the Nexus "Download with Manager" link, let me know if it doesn't.

This mod will be recognized by BOSS, I recommend using that to sort your load order.

Compatibility Notes:
Some leveled lists from Skyrim.esm have been edited. If you use other mods that add to the food lists, you will need to use Wrye Bash to create a bashed patch.

I also edited the empty SpitPot containers to give them a 25% chance of having soup or stew inside, this will conflict with other mods that change those. Load whichever mod you want to have priority last.

As of version 1.2b, this mod has built-in support for Frostfall 2.0.

Patches for Hearthfire, Dragonborn, Imp's More Complex Needs, Phitt's Alchemy and Food Overhaul and YASH are available in the Optional Files section.

born2bkilled's patch for Realistic Needs and Diseases (unsupported by me) is available here:
Cooking Expanded - Realistic Needs and Diseases Compatibility Patch
Glorifin's patch for the Dragonborn addon (unsupported by me):
Cooking Expanded - Dragonborn - Realistic Needs and Disease Support Patch

AngryToaster's patch for Nord Needs (unsupported by me) is available here:
Nord Needs - Cooking Expanded Compatibility patch

Non-English versions (unsupported by me, may not be up to date)
Czech Translation by Azarian
German Translation by heuseman
Spanish Translation by Maska
Spanish Patches by lobita
Turkish Translation by mertusta

If you would like to translate this mod into your language and upload it onto the Nexus, feel free to do so, no permission required. If you let me know about it, I will add your translation to this page.

Contact: PM void_gazer at Skyrim Nexus