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Added: 30/03/2012 - 11:50AM
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Last updated at 22:05, 1 Apr 2012 Uploaded at 11:50, 30 Mar 2012

Using my lovely wife as a reference, I gave everyone's favorite housecarl, Lydia, a make over. But hey, it's not just the looks that have changed.

Here is a list of changes I made to her:
First and foremost, she is now Essential, and can not be killed.

I changed her name to my wifes favorite RP character name, Arryanna.

Class from Warrior to Ranger

Fighting style to Missile

Default Gear to some simple leather armor (no weapons)

Equiped with elven bow, elven sword, elven shield, and 100 elven arrows (you will need to supply her with arrows. A small price to pay not having a default bow. Followers tend to use the crap default over a better one in their inventory.)

Changed her dialogue for trading to "What would you like me to carry?" Sounds way less unhappy, not befitting such a follower! Now she cooks, fights, and carries your stuff with no complaints! (Wish THAT part was real)

Changed her level cap to 100. Please note, to bring her to your current level as your progress through the game, dismiss her, open the console, select her, type "disable" (no quotes), then "enable" (no quotes), and then close the console. And she is now your level, yay!

Oh, and as a bonus, she wears a sexy nighty to sleep!

This is my first addon, feedback is appreciated! Enjoy it, as I may have signed my death warrent creating this...