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  1. Hallodria
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    I don't understand why this tool needed Java as of v2.0. Totally unneccessary and potentially harmful.
    Java is one of the biggest security risks in personal computing today. I will under no circumstances install it ever again. Over my dead body.
    1. ShawnDriscoll
      • member
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      Never had a problem with Java.
    2. Hallodria
      • supporter
      • 2,290 posts
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      From wikipedia:
      Examples of potential sources of vulnerability common to Java and non-Java applications are:

      - Vulnerabilities in the protection mechanisms provided by the hardware or operating system which the application relies upon for its security
      - Vulnerabilities in native libraries, such as the C standard library, which may be used to implement the application and/or runtime
      - Vulnerabilities caused purely by errors in user programs (for example improper construction of SQL queries leading to SQL injection vulnerabilities)

      However, much discussion of Java security focusses on potential sources of vulnerability specific to the Java platform. These include:

      - Vulnerabilities in the sandboxing mechanism which allow untrusted bytecode to circumvent the restrictions imposed by the security manager
      - Vulnerabilities in the Java class library which an application relies upon for its security
    3. ShawnDriscoll
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      The same can be said for any app. EXE files can do all kinds of bad. And .NET servers can cause your browser grief. Opening PDF files, ZIP files, can be bad. The list goes on.
    4. deleted30920795
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      "The BSA Browser has been recoded to run on Java and run smoother and faster."
      Unless the previous version was coded in Visual Basic, I fail to see how changing it to Java is going to make the program faster.
      If you just wanted to hone your Java skills, by all means go ahead, but you could have made a self contained executable to avoid users having to install the JRE.
    5. Yalkin33
      • member
      • 127 posts
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      Make your own Bsa Browser than if you are so afraid of java
  2. Jim0ni
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  3. Stinger19822008
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    Great tool, but as other have said we need a search function.
  4. Nadimos
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    thanks alot for the tool.
  5. highhthere
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    Thank you so much!
  6. wunima
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    Not only a browser, extract files possible too. Thank you for that program.
  7. Guba666
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    Only 64 bit executable ?
  8. Yehudi
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    • 308 posts
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    works perfectly for me iv been having "out of memory" exceptions thrown up using BSA unpacker when trying to unpack Skyrim textures .BSA which is smaller than dawnguard and dragonborn bsa's which unpacker unpacked but BSA browser just sorted that issue for me thanks ( having a slow time selecting files use shift key )
  9. Chaimberlain
    • supporter
    • 332 posts
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    Doesn't work. I extract and then run the .exe and immediately "BSA Browser has stopped working." When I say immediately, I mean immediately. The application window doesn't even open.
  10. ZapSnap10
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    Doesn't work. Tried repeatedly to download, kept getting a trace error or something. Modding causes so many headaches, why can't people just make easy to follow instructions...