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This simple mod enables your Dovahkiin to greet someone or play relaxed idle (in vanilla).
Invoke lesser power 'Dovahkiin's Relax' by shout button, and your character will play idle with something in front.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • Italian
Packaging form has been changed from loose zip to bsa archive.
Remaining older scripts causes glitch. Clean saves are unnecessary.

Better MessageBox Controls by ecirbaf
thankfully provides practical messageBox interface. Excellent!

1. Description
I am very tired of seeing Dovahkiin stand with nothing to do.
I've always wondered why I cannot warm my hands with campfire,
or why I cannot take a bath in hot spring near Darkwater Crossing.
So I created this.
Maybe there are similar mods somewhere but I cannot find out.
I just share this for someone's convenience.

2. How To Use
There are 2 kinds of powers. One is to relax, the other is to customize.

Just invoke 'Dovahkiin's Relax' by shout button.
It's safe to invoke the power in city since it's silent.
Invoke and relax, then invoke and start off.
(Some action does this automatically - see message shown in top-left corner)
What happens will vary by what your Dovahkiin is facing in front.
If you shout it toward ...
- nothing, but you unsheathed your weapons, equipping shield:
you will bash your shiled with your weapon.
- nothing, weapons sheathed, someone's hostile to you:
you will stretch or blow horn if you belongs to civil war faction.
- someone:
prompt will show up asking if you want to greet to him/her.
- anything or nothing, but in SNEAK stance:
prompt will show up asking what to do. (Sit/Lie/Ledge sit/Meditate)
- hand-warming fires as campfires, bonfires, forge, etc.:
you will warm hands. If there is a bard singing, you will dance.
- singing bard:
you will dance.
- chairs, benches, tables:
you will sit down and eat/drink something (pretendedly) or read some book.
- beds, bedrolls:
you will lay down and sleep
(if they are vanilla beds - may not work for mod beds.)
Caution - It's never comparing to great SeeYouSleep. Just for tasting.
- stumps:
you will sit down on them.
(Do you remember the first visit to Riverwood on Stormcloak side?)
- walls that someone can lean on:
you can also lean on it if not used.
- rails that someone can lean on:
you can also lean on it if not used.
- bar counters that barkeepers wait:
you can also wait there if not used.
- meditation place in High Hrothgar:
you will meditate there.
- dedicated place for praying:
you will pray (raising your arms in front, standing) there.
Perhaps you can cooperate with Heimskr.
- some tables with maps:
you will lean on the table and investigate the map.
- chickens:
you will feed them. At first you will greet to them.
Never mind. Talk to animals.
- crops:
you will hoe around them.
- nothing:
you will do something including sweeping the floor,
reading books or notes, or eating/drinking something (pretendedly).

Use following switch power. Also see decription in game.
DRT: Lazy Man - You will always lie down if you use the power while sneaking.
DRT: Pilgrim's Faith - You will meditate if you use the power while sneaking. With Lazy Man combined, action is randomly determined.
DRT: Reticent Man - You will not greet.
DRT: Touchable Affection - You will hug your spouse if your spouse can respond.
DRT: Tough Face - You won't sweep floors, feed chickens, hoe around crops.
You will clean your sword or just stand crossing your arms instead.

These powers will be added automatically in few minutes from game start.

3. Tips, Troubles
- You can cancel almost everything by SHOUT AGAIN or JUMP key.
Unequip and re-equip your weapon if you have stuck with your weapon in your hand.
- Change your camera to 3rd person view by your own.
I don't want to lock your camera, nor disable your control.
Doing them from script sometimes invoke bugs of Skyrim.
Your camera cannot work properly there (since normally you cannot enter there).
This won't break the game(at least if you could use console commands),
but extra care is needed to build your immersion with campsite mods.
See also next section.

4. Option Stuff
For people who want animated sleep anywhere than fixed beds and bedrolls,
I prepared portable bedroll. You can create them at tanning rack,
or purchase it at general store, such as Belethor's General Goods Store.

Search 'Packed Bed Roll'(xx005e34) there.

To use portable bedroll, follow procedure below.
(1)Drop 'Packed Bed Roll' to the ground. Place it where you want.
(2)SNEAK activate it. Actual 'Portable Bed Roll' will be rolled out.
(3)Sleep by relax power or normal activation.
If you sleep with activation, it will work like SeeYouSleep.
Actual sleep dialog shows up after 15 sec pause, or activating bedroll again
(though the crosshair is invisible - look down and press 'E').
(4)SNEAK activate 'Portable Bed Roll' to pack it again.

5. MCM support
If you are using SkyUI 3.1+ (and corresponding SKSE) you can configure
Dovahkiin Relaxes Too from Mod Configuration Menu in System Menu.
You can toggle certain idles described in section 2, and also enable/disable
configuration powers in your spell list.

6. Install
Copy all files in archive into <YourSkyrim>/Data folder.
Then run the launcher. See Data Files, and make sure following modules are checked.
- Skyrim.esm
- Update.esm
- dovahkiinrelax.esp
If you still have crashes by this configuration, change 'Load Order' of dovahkiinrelax as top or bottom.

7. Uninstall
Delete all files below:

8. Version History
2016.11.12 - Ported to Skyrim Special Edition.
2013.2.15 1.6 - Package fix: excluded SkyUI's script. Enhance: Introduced prompt for sneaking and greeting. Adjustment: LazyMan & PilgrimsFaith work deterministically, not random. Bug fix: Correctly revert to sneaking position. Enhance: Fix for fires&beds&chairs in Dawnguard & Dragonborn.
2013.1.19 1.5 - Enhance: MCM support, leaning on table, dance toward singing bard, aborting dance. Bug fix: bar counter stuck, consequent bard song stuck.
2012.4.9 1.4 - Enhance: Idle control function, Combat idle.
2012.4.2 1.3 - Bug fix: Winterhold warp and possible crash. Enhance: HighHrothgar courtesy and market study.
2012.3.31 1.2 - Bug fix: for extraordinary heavy idlers. Enhance: Pray and ledge sit.
2012.3.30 1.1 - Bug fix: opposite heading sleeping on beds.
2012.3.29 1 - initial.

Appendix. International Resources
Japanese translation by Hydragoon:
Italian translation by Andre7890:
Spanish translation by obla:
Czech translation by GrimReaperCZ:
French translation by Nitmara:
German Translation by Thoddy398:
Spanish Translation by lobita:
Thank you for your contribution.

Skyrim Mods Weekly featured this mod. I link it here based on agreement with its author.

Skyrim Mod Series also featured this mod. I link it here based on agreement with its author.