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Version 0.5
- Fixed female ground/world object missing from last update
- Added all-in-one NMM install package, for everybody's sanity

Version 0.4
- Enchantments reverted to 0.1 values
- Biped Object / Equip slot changed to 47
- New position of backpack

Version 0.3
- Changed backpack keywords to clothing item
- Now work with perk "Mage Armor"
- Real in-game values for enchantments
- Does not show up in workbench
- Leather Backpack w/o straps showing up under "Iron" category (fixed)

Version 0.2
- Possible to enchant with vanilla carrying enchantment
- Female without straps now show up on player
- Now takes one steel ingot to improve on workbench
- ArcaneBlacksmith possibility added