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This mod adds more battle and live in Skyrim , Stormcloak and Imperial armies , travellers and adventurers patrols and fight in Skyrim lands.

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  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Czech
Many armies in wildness land , stormcloak and imperial fights against each others, they patrol land and attack forts,
travellers also travel between cities ,
adventurers explore Skyrim world,
bandits look for unwary people.

All tihs for a world more alive.

WHAT MOD DO -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This mod adds random npcs ,they traveling between cities and wild lands, i added adventurers , maraunders , citizens , imperial and stormcloak armies.
Armies target are forts and enemies , if you join imperial or stormcloak , you are a enemy and your hostile faction will attack you for a civil war more fun.(if you istall mod when you are already in CW faction ,go to castle dour , if you are imperial faction, or palace of kings if you are stormcloak ,to activate it).
Maraunders look for unwary travellers and for you.
Citizens travel between cities , they look for markets and taverns.
Adventurers patrol wildeness (they can ride horses, see screenshots) , they fight against monsters, outlaw and dragons as you do.
I added a cart ( with 30% probability spawm) in whiterun entry , it is a "demo" , if in future it will be better implemented , i will add random cart meetings on roads.


This version is very light but old PC may have some problem especially with heavy texture mods.

It is full compatible with all mods (war in skyrim , more travel, warzones , ect)

V 0.4

Fixed Helgen problem , now you can activate mod when you want.
You can choose between 2 versions:
No attack ,Imperial or Stromcloak don't attack you if you are member in opposite faction
Normal , when you join a faction , opposite faction will attack you.
In my opinion Normal version is more fun , but everyone has their own tastes.

V 0.5

Fixed a script bug
Guards are more strong
Travellers and citizins now flee
Less good armor on adventurers

V 0.62

Fixed crashes in 0.6 beta
Now armies don't raid villages and don't kill innocent citizens and horse sellers
Adventures equip is random now , no more only ebony armors in high lv.
Imperial soldiers now can use heavy , studded , light armor and shield.
Armies don't attack you when you join opposite faction , but when you wear opposite faction armor, it is not important your faction , but what armor you wear, if you are a stormcloak and you wear imperial armor , stormcloak soldiers will attack you.

V 0.65
Optimized version with a very light script ,light packages and npcs with essential feature
Added a version with less spawm (less 40%).

V 0.8
Added horses ,now npcs can ride horses (see screeshots)
Optimized spawm , less overpopulated and empy areas, you don't need a lite version ( i can't totally remove it , npcs go where they want)
Bandits (now Marauder faction) don't attack unique npc , but only generic npcs and the player
Fix armies problem (sometimes they don't attacked enemies , i tested it only with a new savegame)
Added female imperial soldiers

V 0.82
Fixed a bug where npcs were crowded into some houses

V 0.9

Stormcloak on Imperial armies attack you when you join opposite faction (to activate it , you need go to palace of kings or castle dour if you are already in these factions).
You can meet a "cart travel" close Whiterun , it is a "demo" for now.
Spawm is 1 time on 1 day for 60 % probability, for no overpopulated areas.
Fixed some italian names.

My mods are all free, you can translate , modify or use it for your mods. Gve only credits to me and tobij.
This mod is based on "more npc" by tobij .