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This is a partial conversion of Adonnays Elven Weaponry mod from Oblivion.

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  • German
  • Czech

Elven Weaponry version .05 has been released!!!

Here's version 0.05 of Elven Weaponry!
This release adds all the missing tempering recipes so all weapons can now be upgraded on the grindstone.
We also added the Skywood and Whitewood bows.

Unfortunately I no longer have the time for gaming and modding that I used to. That being said this will 
likely be the last update to this mod by me. If anyone is interested in picking it up and continuing my work
please let me know.

Elven Weaponry is a project to convert all of Adonnay's Elven
Weapons to Skyrim. It is a work in progress and I will update
with more weapons as real life and time allow me to.

While I don't think there is anything in my mod that could cause
problems with your game please make a backup of your saves. I am
not responsible if this breaks your game.

The standard version of this mod uses all of Adonnay's original textures.
As of version .03 I have darkened the original textures to look better and
less "washed out" in-game.

The HD version contains all new high res textures by SithMaster2010.
In several places we still use select high res textures by Adonnay that
have been adjusted to work with HD. Please keep in mind that the HD version
of the mod is standalone and is NOT an upgrade/patch. Please always remove the
standard version first if changing to HD.

These are the weapons included in the latest version of Elven Weaponry.

One Handed Swords:
1. Elmwood Sabre
2. Cloud Sabre
3. Brightwood Sabre
4. Ebony Sabre
5. Ivory Sabre
6. White Leather Sabre
7. Ebony Scimitar
8. Ebony Courtblade
9. Cloud Courtblade

Two Handed Swords:
1. Ebony Courtblade 2H
2. Cloud Courtblade 2H
3. Ebony Longblade
4. Green Longblade
5. Ebony Warblade
6. Cloud Warblade

1. Ebony Knife
2. Elmwood Knife

1. Elven Bow Ebony
2. Elven Bow Elmwood
3. Elven Bow Redwood
4. Elven Bow Skywood
5. Elven Bow Whitewood
6. Elven Bow Ivory
7. Elven War Bow Elm

1. Elven Arrows Elmwood
2. Elven Arrows Tree
3. Elven Arrows Ebony

The weapons can all be crafted at the forge, including arrows. They can
be found under Elven Smithing.

There are currently no known bugs affecting game play.
If you encounter any please report them in the comments.

Download and install with Nexus Mod Manager.

Or download the files manually and extract to your
Steam\SteamApps\Common\Skyrim\Data folder using 7zip or winrar.

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Adonnay for his original Elven Weaponry mod for Oblivion.

SithMaster2010 for the great new HD textures.

Elandra for the German translation.

Azarian for the Czech translation

TeodosisusShine for the Italian translation

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