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For a Lore-friendly version (a ring that kills the player when you wears it!), check out this mod by jackstarr: Moon and Star Ring - Not The Nerevarine - Lore Friendly Edit. It uses my ring resource.

This mod adds the ring Moon-and-Star to Skyrim. This artifact played a very important role in the story of Morrowind so I tried to stay true to the original model while also making it fit in with the look of Skyrim.

I made a custom model and mesh for the Moon-and-Star ring.
At the moment I have no time to make a quest for obtaining the ring. That's why I decided to
release the modesl and textures online as a resource. Modders are free to use the ring for their own mod projects. All I ask is credit for my hard work.

For the players who have no interest in modding but do want to use this ring in-game I made an .esp that adds Moon-and-Star into the game.
The ring comes with an enchantment similar to the one it had in Morrowind. Speechcraft skill is boosted and the player can get better prices in stores. Look for a small chest in the main hall in High Hrothgar. It contains the Moon-and-Star Ring. Like I said, no quest to obtain it is involved. You just grab it!


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