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RMO 2.2

README.TXT tells what each of the playable races' stats are and will give a generalization of the changes to the NPC races

In vanilla Skyrim, each race regenerates health, magicka and stamina at the same rate. Each race has 35 skill bonus points. Some races have useful powers, others have useless powers.

But the worst part is they all feel the same. I forget what race I am when playing in 1st person sometimes. I forget to use my powers because it's not worth the time to swap from a shout to an ability that I'm not even sure is gonna work

RMO changes all that. It sets regen values, skill bonuses, powers, racial abilities and even carry weights and movement speeds to be unique for each race. I did my best to make it fun without making it lore-breaking, in many cases, it's far more lore friendly than vanilla. I tried to make it interesting more than anything though, with multiple useful powers and while each race feels unique and is better at A than B, all races are still completely capable of any role/spec you choose to play.

While woodland elves make GREAT archers in RMO, they don't make bad mages either.

My plan is to eventually modify every NPC race in the game while adding world bosses/sea monsters.