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(current as of Skyrim Patch 1.9)

Update! The newest main file is exactly the same as the old one, EXCEPT that now, if you use SKSE, you can activate Thunder Smite simply by pressing the Num0 key, without ever having to equip the power. If you don't have SKSE, don't worry; you can still equip the power and use it normally. I also added a new optional file that includes a permanent Dragonrend effect (on *hostile* dragons only) along with the SKSE functionality.

This mod came about for a few reasons. I wanted to insta-kill all the enemies around me, but NOT friendlies, AND I wanted to look *cool* doing it. Now, you might say, why not the Master
spell Fire Storm, then? I'll give you FIVE reasons why not.

1. It hurts friendlies, too, not just enemies.
2. It's LoS (line-of-sight), so if a baddie is standing behind a short stick fence, he's unharmed.
3. It's horizontal, and does not affect people above or below you (such as on the stairs, etc).
4. It's not instantaneous (long casting time) and costs mega mana.
5. It just doesn't look cool *enough* for me.

Now, 1 and 4 (and theoretically 2, though I haven't tested it), can be done with the CK. But not 3 and 5.

Hence, Thunder Smite! As soon as you load a game (new game or saved game, doesn't matter) after loading this mod, you will receive a new power added to your magic menu, called (predictably) Thunder Smite. As a power, it is used with the "z" key on your keyboard, same as shouts. It completely destroys all enemies - and ONLY enemies - anywhere near you. So you
can cast it in a village without fear of hurting the little old lady who reads your fortune. And it comes with these features!

--No mana cost
--No cooldown
--Instant cast, at the press of a button
--No aiming skills required; the script does that for you
--Enemies are killed one at a time, in rapid sequence, with a lightning blast marking their death.
--The lightning blast does NOT affect anyone else, so a villager standing next to the poor foe will be unharmed.

Is this a cheat mod? Of course! That's why it's in the Cheats section. So no flaming or denouncing it as a cheat.

Now, I admit, cheating can be a little boring after a while (or so I've heard ^-^). Here are the situations in which I use Thunder Smite:

*when I am trying to finish a quest quickly without wanting to take the time to fight
*when an enemy is so tough that he is either about to kill me, or else it's taking me forever to kill him/them
*when I'm in the mood cuz it just looks so dang cool (IMHO)


1. Sometimes the power is finicky. You'll equip the power (same way you equip any power or shout), and hit "z", and nothing happens. Usually, just hitting it again will do the trick. Otherwise, you may just have to wait a few minutes before it'll mysteriously start responding. I do not know why this occurs. Sometimes you can get it working again by unequipping and re-equipping Thunder Smite, or be saving and reloading. It does not bug out that often, though, and when it does, it's restored pretty quickly.

2. The way the script determines who is an enemy and who isn't, is by using the IsHostileToActor condition. What this means, in game terms, is that someone has to appear as a red dot in your compass (or they would, if you were looking in that direction). So if you attack a couple travelers, and one traveler flees, you'll have to take him down some other way. Sometimes, the power will get finicky and not work until an enemy actually hits you, or even until you draw your weapon/spell and/or hit them.

3. It seems that Thunder Smite does NOT work for those who use XBox 360 controllers. Sorry.

If you like this, then enjoy it! If you have comments, feel free to leave them, or to pm me! If you have flames, keep them to yourself! If you have megalomaniacal tendencies, download now! ^-^



--Bethesda for a great game, a great Creation Kit, and very well done tutorials
--Angelwraith for teaching me several of the basic principles of scripting in Fallout: New Vegas, which got me a leg up on Papyrus


You may use any part of this mod in a mod of your own, as long as you fulfill all of the following conditions:

1. You must credit me.
2. You must notify me via PM.
3. You must put a link to my original mod, here, on your info page, and in your readme.
4. Your mod must NOT be a reupload or exact copy of mine.
5. I retain veto power (but I doubt I would ever use it). ^-^
6. You may not use any assets from my mods in anything that you charge for!


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