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New Dwemer Bombs. This mod adds new bomb types ranging from fire, ice, electric, poison, paralysis, force, and holy. You can learn how to create them with the new perks or buy them from Markarth or traveling merchants.

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* Check out the videos*
This mod adds Dwemer Drop Bombs able to be crafted or bought from merchants(Markarth & Khajiit). It also adds 11 new perks. Dwarven Mechanics branch (smithing), Dwarven Templar (restoration) & Dwarven Biobombs (alchemy). Can be dropped from horses!

Specifically you can create fire, ice, electric, poison, paralysis, force, and holy bombs. Each have seven different grades ranging from weak to very strong.

There are 11 new perks added.
-Dwarven Mechanics 1-5 (gyro bombs)
-Dwarven Advanced Mechanics 1-3 (dynamo bombs)
-Dwarven Master Mechanics (centurion bombs)
-Dwarven BioBombs (adds poison and paralysis bombs)
-Dwarven Templar (adds holy bombs)
Bomb Grade Strengths - Price (larger price bigger boom!)
Centurion (strongest)
Dynamo (Strong) - Each have 2 grades, check price for difference of strength
Gyro (Weakest) - Each have 4 grades from weakest to strongest Price holds strength differences

Unfortunately there was not an area where a description could easily be added directly to the item -not in the title- but I will likely add a Dwemer Bomb Crafting cook book for a more detailed description in future versions.
These bombs can be crafted or bought. When you drop them make sure to get away or nudge them forward so you will be out of range of the explosion!

As a gift, there is a bundle of Force Bombs in Dragon's Reach.

Need dwemer crafting supplies, visit Markarth or Khajiit merchants. Smiths now have tongs and hammers needed to create gyros and dynamo cores...

Also try out Bomb Bowling! Drop, nudge and roll and see if you have what it takes to be a Master Bomb Roller!

The No Perk Tree Version -
This is the same as the above but does not add a perk tree or branch as to not overlap any other mods you currently have. It still requires you to have Dwemer Smithing, Alchemy for poison/paraslysis, and Restoration for holy - but only their novice levels.