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Weak Sabre Cat's got you down? You want some creature variation in Skyrim? Then this is the mod for you. It adds prides of Lion's and Lionesses all over Skyrim. Lions hang out in their lairs and hunt their prey. Even giants fear the power of the Prides!

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  • Turkish

I highly recommend you use this mod with Tropical Skyrim – A Climate Overhaul
– it is the perfect environment for these big cats making them look awesome in their natural habitat! Though this mod is not in any way necessary if you do not want it this mod was designed for normal skyrim but is still 100% compatible with Tropical Skyrim – A Climate Overhaul … so it’s up to you.

-----PRIDES OF SKYRIM v1.3 NEW UPDATE!!! -----
This mod adds some variation to Skyrim's wildlife: Five new creatures, Lions, Lionesses, Panthers, Tigers and a Boss Scar, all with new textures. Prides of Lions inhabit Skyrim's Whiterun Hold, Reach, and Eastmarch. They live in their dens and lairs complete with bones, blood, and dead stuff. Panthers are rare and solitary animals and inhabit the swamps of Hjaalmarch. Their lairs are often used to hide in and decorate them with prey that they store in the trees, the tiny population of Tigers occupy the forests of the rift they a ruthless killers and man-eaters there lairs are full of body’s of many a man (endorse to help in there conservation :P) and finally Scar who inhabits Pride Rock and is the Alfa male for the biggest pride in skyrim, it is said his roar can knock and man flat and his teeth are as sharp as daedric steel. Beware!
(If you want to find the Lions look at the map in the images section or look ingame for the map marker location “Pride Rock” just above Rorikstead )
There are 75 Lions, 228 Lionesses, 17 of the rare Panthers, 4 of the rare Tigers and 1 Scar all custom-placed with patrols and idle markers.

--- Normal Version ---
Lions, Lionesses, Panthers, Tigers are now all LVL (levelled) creatures except for scar because he is a boss, (this change is because of high demand for weaker lions that level with the player – request of hundreds of comments) low level players are still advised to avoid the prides but they are no longer impossible to beat (I can beat a pride at lvl 15 on master difficulty so you should be fine) lions are now about as strong as giants, lionesses substantially weaker than giants, panthers somewhere between the lions and lioness and finally tigers who also as about strong as giants.

--- Hard Core Version (Classic PoS) ---
Lions, Lionesses, Panthers, Tigers and Scar are all assigned the ENC (encounter) value, which means that you can encounter them at any time, regardless of your level. Lions are level 50, Lionesses are level 40, Panthers are level 45, tigers are level 55 and Scar is Level 60 so they are very powerful for anyone under level 40, and they are almost never alone. It's best you sneak around them!

Skyrim's Lions use classic hunting techniques to hunt and take down prey. They will strike quick and fast, and then circle and repeat. This makes it very hard for you to focus your fire on just one. It also means they occasionally smack into each other...
Skyrim’s Panthers are one of Skyrim’s rarest big cats. They are ambush predators and hide in the bushes around their lairs waiting for something unfortunate to walk by. Even though panthers are solitary they are still a force to be reckoned with, they are faster than a lion and are know not to tire easily.
Good luck navigating the outdoors, and I hope you enjoy this mod!

-----New in v1.3-----
* Lions are now lvl (normal version)
* Lioness are now lvl (normal version)
* Panthers are now lvl (normal version)
* Panthers have a new mesh (short teeth and tail, no longer is a sabre panther)
* New Creature: Tigers with new mesh and texture (placement still WIP)
* Tigers are now lvl (normal version)
* New location: “Pride Rock” highly detailed custom dungeon with a boss inside (bring a torch)
* New Creature: Scar, a lion boss with new texture and unique attacking ability’s
* Major balancing changes lowered health of everything (normal version)
* Added 2 Lions, 8 lioness and Scar to Pride Rock Dungeon
* Added 4 Tigers

-----New in v1.2-----
* Lions have a new mesh (they now have a Mane, short teeth and a lion tail)
* Lionesses have a new mesh (they now have short teeth and a lion tail)
* Lions have some new sound effects
* Lionesses have some new sound effects
* 5 new lion dens have been added to the tundra areas of Hjaalmarch and the Reach
* Added 7 lions and 20 lionesses

-----New in v1.1-----
* New creature: Panthers
* Moved the pride outside Rorikstead to fix collision with the ‘reserve’ mod
* Slight balancing tweaks lowered male Lion health

* New creature Lions with new textures, new meshes and new sounds
* New creature Lionesses with new textures, new meshes and new sounds
* New creature Panther with new textures and a new mesh
* New creature Tiger with new texture and a new mesh
* New creature Scar Lions with new textures, new meshes and new sounds
* 75 custom-placed Lions
* 228 custom-placed Lionesses
* 17 custom-placed Panthers
* 4 custom placed Tigers
*2 custom placed Scar’s
* 1 Unique highly detailed custom dungeon
* 64 custom-built lairs/dens

Prides of skyrim is now compatible with "Tame The Beasts of Skyrim by TheSkoomaKing" if you want to tame my lions head over to his page and download his mod! (link bellow)
Tame The Beasts of Skyrim

I also highly recommend the use of "Tame the Beasts II" a updated version of the mod above, so head over and check it out (link bellow)
Tame The Beasts of Skyrim II

Prides of skyrim is now compatible with “Tropical Skyrim – A Climate Overhaul by Soolie” if you want an awesome habitat for my lions to live in head over to his page and download his mod! (link bellow)
Tropical Skyrim – A Climate Overhaul

Prides of skyrim is now compatible with "SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators by EtaYorius " if you want even more realistic lion behavior head over to his page and download his mod! (link bellow)
SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators

You can now Summon and ride the big cat's with "Summon Big Cats Mounts and Followers" by gg77 if you want to Summon and Ride my big cats head over to his page and download his mod! (link bellow)
Summon Big Cats Mounts and Followers

*Frank The Fish (me) - placement of Creatures, creation of dens, creation of Panther texture, Scar texture and Panther mesh edit (NEW addition of tail and teeth on panther mesh were not my own)

*Bellyache - for the amazing Lion textures, which I am extremely grateful for; you can check out her other textures here:

*New Lion and Lioness models from the team that brought you the Sabre Gear Backpacks and Sabre Cat Gear Mod Pack:
Targaryen - (for the Mane of the lion)
tumbajamba - (for the Tail)
TreasureChest - (for the Teeth)
DVAted - (for the effort of making the new model possible)

Also another thanks to DVAted's team for the Tiger model:
Targaryen, tumbajamba & TreasureChest (model)
DVAted (textures and model direction)

*john129pats – for supplying the lion sounds

*Bean Bag – for implementing the lion sounds into the mod

*Hellcommander711 - for navmesh fixes

*Gojirex - for LESS LIONS! update

If I get enough subscriptions, I will be adding more prides, including Snow Lions for northern Skyrim. Or possibly a Horker mod with large numbers of Horkers and Horker species, like you see with Walruses.

Thanks - Frank the Fish

More Big Cats to come!
Thanks everyone for ENDORSEING!! - Frank the Fish