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Last updated at 8:33, 11 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 0:08, 11 Mar 2012

This is my a castle fit for a Dragon Lord!

I am constantly adding new content! Check out the change log :)

** Recommend use of the "Unlimited Bookshelves" for best experience **

Current Features:
- Massive Main Hall with 5 merchants and Alchemy / forge / cooking / enchantment tables
- Massive Library with a live Dragon + spell merchant
- Massive Pool Room with Live Dragon and one of the most intricate wall structures ever created
- Massive Private quarters with lots of places for decorations
- Treasure room with many mannequins and weapon cases
- And it keeps going!

**All storage containers are static meaning I will not remove anything and can be used now to store items.**

I will be doing a lot of decorating and adding NPC's over the next week.

To Install:

Use Nexus MOD manager *or* :

Simply unzip file into your Skyrim\Data Directory, launch game, select Data files and ensure Dragon Lord Castle is selected. You only need to download the latest version. I keep the old one's posted in the archive in case anyone needs to back-level.

To access:

House is now located due south of Whiterun on the hill and shows as a
marker on your map! Read release notes for details
Additionally you can use 'coc massive2' to directly access the mod.
If you want your spouse to move to the castle - try using this:

Release Notes:

2.4 - Jan 4 2013

- Added Dragon Priest Mask storage to private quarters closet
- Modified fireplace sound and flames in private quarters closet
- Added a few decorations
- added COC spawn point at entrance to private quarters.

- fixed roof panel in main hall

2.3 - Dec 28 2012

-Added Walk in closet to the private quarters (yes the door works now :) )
-Added Treasure area in pool room (WIP)
-Added stable area to front of Castle (WIP)
-Added some Dragon skulls to castle exterior
-Added some landscaping to the front including new staircase down hill
-Added some table decorations in sleeping chambers
-Added various decoration in rooms

-Fixed floor alignment on upper deck of storage room
-Fixed wall texture issue on left side of main entrance
-Fixed floor texture on entrance to Library
-Fixed wall in the back of archery hall
-Fixed floor texture to the left of the main hall throne
-Fixed wall alignment in alchemy room
-Fixed books in private office
-Fixed guards showing up as 'GUARD 1' - Should show now as "Quarters Guards"
-Fixed waterfall in pool room, not splashing on floor now and mops no longer needed

-Many optimizations all over

2.2 - Sept 3 2012

-Set all rooms to 'NoRespawn' Encounter area

- (Storage room)Reworked storage shelves to take advantage of unlimited bookshelves
- (Storage room) Replaced all shelves in the storage room
- (Storage room) Created NavMesh for Storage room so follower will accompany you
- (Storage room) Added a bunch of new shelves on main level and top level
- (Storage room) Added a table that can accept items like a bookshelf
- (Storage room) Added bins for storage on floor for Ingot or bulk storage
- (Storage room) Added trap doors to teleport to Alchemy and Armory rooms
- (Storage room) Added flame sconces to light up the place

- (Alchemy room) Added 3 new storage shelves
- (Alchemy room) Shrunk storage cases in the Alchemy room to free up some space
- (Alchemy room) Added storage shelf by cooking area for ingredients
- (Alchemy room) Converted existing shelf to bookshelf in alchemy room

- (Main Hall) Replaced entrance flickering light with Omni Sunlight
- (Main Hall) Corrected Some NavMesh
- (Main Hall) Corrected flash when walking from Main Hall to Treasury Room
- (Main Hall) Adjusted Alchemy and Enchanting tables in main hall to correct clipping
- (Main Hall) Cleaned up floor alignment issue in connecting tunnel from Main Hall to treasury room
- (Main Hall) Added table in cooking area that you can put food on
- (Main Hall) Added large quantity of Salt to Cook NPC for purchase
- (Main Hall) Added bookshelf for putting ingredients in cooking area

- (Forge Room) Pinned NPC to one location to try and contain her crankiness
- (Forge Room) Added Bookshelf for storing Ingots close by
- (Forge Room) Pruned some Navmesh in an attempt to control NPC access to room

- Renamed Storage room from "Storage Marker" to "Dragon Lord Storage Room"

2.1 - Aug 28 2012

- Did a lot of player testing (yes actually played game for a while :) )
- Tested with Dawnguard DLC - updates actually make things a whole lot more stable and fixes lighting issues
- Added 2 small treasure chests at entrance - found myself wanting them to just dump off loot and head back out quickly
- modified pedestal at entrance so you can place book back if you mistakely take it - use just like a bookshelf
- added a couple more decorations to main hall
- added a couple display cases to armory room

2.0 - June 4 2012

-Added Storage room behind the throne for those looking for supplies
-Added Storage room entrance behind throne and down stairs
-Added open chest in the Private quarters are requested for dropping loot
-Added open chest in main hall as requested
-Added manufacturing materials to merchant in Armoury
-Added Ingredients to merchant in Alchemy room
-Added Mannequin in private quarters by request
-Added more decorations to private quarters
-Changed flute player actions and added flute sounds
-Added child to main hall to play around and rummage through things
- Fixed a bunch of graphcal glitches that were annoying me

1.99 - May 13 2012

- Replaced Guards at the throne to make them not aggress
- Added a guards at all entry points
- Modified lighting in the Smithing room
- fixed clipping issue by front entrance
- added Cooking pot near bakery area
- added a couple of maidens to wander around for filler
- corrected light by cooking area
- fixed issue with Sarah having no starting gold
- added 10 more shield mount points at back of main hall
- started lighting some trees in the pool room
- created stand and book to detail Mod updates and usage
- added storage Satchel to Alchemy and Enchantment table
- moved bounding box on armory to get rid of flash as you walk in
- added table and decorations in cooking area
- added food storage barrels in cooking area
- added display cases by the entrance to main hall
- added decorations to main table
- added sitting area in private quarters
- added 24 weapon racks to archery range
- added 6 more display cases to private quarters
- added guards in private quarters
- added over 120 more book storage slots to library
- added a bunch of skins
- modified manaquins in armory to try to resolve activation issue

1.98 - May 6 2012

- Major overhaul to lighting in the main hall!
- Used utility to prune all cell references to anything but this mod's cells in an attempt to improve stability and assist with compatibility with other mods
- Added a PILE of storage to the main hall including the following
- 18+ display cases
- 60+ weapon racks
- 6 Shield mount points (working on more)
- over a dozen new maniquins
(All existing storage containers were preserved so you should not loose any stored items)
- Corrected errors in the main hall nav mesh that was trapping npc's in the hallway to the archery room
- fixed a couple of seam errors
- modified AI stack for the npc's to assist with correcting no-respawn bug
- Modified the mod cells to allow them to re-spawn. Based on my research and testing, given that I am using player storage devices they are supposed to not respawn themselvs. I set the cells back to respawn so that NPC's get re-populated to assist with dissapearing NPC issue (please notify me if you see any issues with item loss)
- Added more fires and decorations to the main halls
- By popular request - made NPC merchant in the armory less bitchy :)
- modified some settings in the external hookup cell to better assist with disappearing stairs issue

1.95 - May 3 2012

Finally managed to get a 'castle' sized building to load 95% of the time!!

Updated the existing house with the larger structure and we'll see how it goes.

1.91 - April 21 2012

- reversed some changes to the entrance house in an attempt to address some crashing issues people have reported.

1.90 - April 20 2012

- Added Shell of huge new pool room - still have a lot of work to do on interior but wanted people
to be able to see that I am still adding to mod :)
- addded door to pool room upper floor, left side at top of the stairs.

1.88 - April 12 2012

- added new spell merchant in the library
- fixed some graphics errors in main hall
- added 2 new bookshelves in the library
- added some banners in the library
- removed some extra cells that were not in use
- added fire pits to library

1.87 - April 6 2012

Had to mess around with some stuff to get Steam to accept the update. Should be working now

1.85 - April 6 2012

Added stairs in the back of castle bottom level to prep for dungeon addition
Added hallway across the back of the upper level behind the dragon so you can go between library and quarters
Added Sarah - Apocraphy merchant in the potion room
Added a couple of dogs
Added a pair of guards buy the throne
Added another fire pit by main hall entrance
Added a rotisserie by the kitchen
Modified bounding area to fix lighting issues by back of the hall
Added additional idle markers to give more activitied to NPC's

1.82 - April 5 2012

Corrected a couple of issues
Added some fire in the private quarters
Added more decorations in the private quarters

1.81 - April 4 2012

Added Prayer hall in the private quarters
Darkened main entrance to private quarters
Added some decorations to private quarters

1.8 - March 18 2012

Split the castle into several cells - limitation in cell size was really restricting the decorating
Added 12 more weapon racks in the treasure room
Added 4 book cases to the library
Added some wall sconces to the library
Added a Dragon on the ceiling in the library :) ** go to library and look up **
Added some more rugs
Added 3 storage chests to the treasure room
Added 2 more shield mounts in the treasure room
Fixed some Wall alignment issues
Added a pile of decorations

1.7 - March 14 2012

Added the base shell of the library
- can be accessed from upper level on the left of the throne in the back
Added some fillers to close some gaps
Added some lighting fixes

1.6 - March 13 2012

Added shell for the private bedrooms - still a lot to do with the interior but the basic shell is there
- can be accessed in the back door / upper level past the armor crafting room
Added some tweaks for the room boundaries to improve performance
Added some weapon racks by the main entrance on the walls (4)
Added 2 shield racks on the pillars in the treasure room - they are hard to spot :)
Added another NPC to test out some stuff
Added a new screenie to the listing

I will be spending some time tomorrow night to put in some furnishings to pretty things up before I
start on the Library :)


Seems that the house bug is due to an error with the creation kit and loading large objects

reliably. In the mean time it looks like I have a smaller house stable in every way I have tried

loading so I will stick with that until the creation kit is patched with a fix.


Added house on hill south of Whiterun. If you look due south from the stables you will see it on

the hill with a dragon on the roof :)
Added map marker for house entrance


Set cell to noreset zone to ensure all stored items would be persistent


** all containers are now static and can be used for storage- I will only add more! **

Added more moss in treasure room - cause you can never have too much moss!
Changed out the fish - got them swimming!
Added freaky dragon in main hall Rafters
Added shiny sphere on throne
Added a bird flying up in the rafters for giggles
Working on adding an NPC to the Alchemy room
Locking down containers for 1.0 release
Fixed glitch on floor in front of armory room
Sorry still using trapdoor until I can sort out the bugs :(


Added 2 more weapon cases
Added 18 weapon racks
added some lighting to treasure room
Added fountain to treasure room
And even more rugs :)
Added Dragon sconces to Treasure room
Added fish to the treasure room pond .. can't figure out how to get the buggers to swim though :(