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You want more armor enchantments and you also miss the old enchantments 'Life Detection' and 'Invisibility' from Oblivion. This modification contain 29 new enchantments (For all enchantment descriptions checkout the readme) and one new follower (WIP).

Go to Riften where you'll meet the troll Marian.

Enchantment list

Displacement enchantment:
- Exchanges your position with an attacking target with a chance of 5%

Flamewalk enchantment:
- You start to leave a trail of fire behind yourself when engaged in combat

Dislocation enchantment:
- Get a 5% chance to teleport attacking targets to a random location

Shadowstep enchantment:
- Causes you to appear behind an attacking target with a chance of 5%

Arma-chicken-don enchantment:
- Throws an exploding chicken in a random direction every 4 seconds when in combat

Wisp Shield enchantment:
- Creates an orbiting shield of 3 wisps that explode upon enemy contact
- Dealing 25 damage per wisp
- Wisp respawn got a cooldown of 3 minutes

Force Knockback enchantment:
- You got a chance of 5% to knock attacking enemies back

Fear enchantment:
- You got a chance of 5% to fear attacking enemies

Force Push enchantment:
- You got a chance of 5% to force push attacking enemies

Disarming enchantment:
- You got a chance of 5% to disarm attacking enemies

Shadowcloak enchantment:
- Just like the invisibility enchantment but it'll just activate when you are sneaking
- You get additional sneak bonus points

Last Chance enchantment:
- When you got less than 25% health the time slow down for 15 seconds
- This enchantment got a cooldown of 15 minutes
- When the enchantment is fully charged a message box will appear

Lightning Embrace enchantment:
- A random enemy will receive 5 damage points (every 5 seconds)
- New visual effects

Frozen Shield enchantment:
- You got a chance of 5% that attacking enemys become frozen

Constant Ethereal enchantment:
- When you have less than 25% health you got the chance of 5% to become ethereal

Subterfuge enchantment:
- As soon you are in a combat every 15 seconds subterfuge gets casted
- Every enemy around you will become insane

Shield Of Revenge enchantment:
- Enemies who attack you will receive 5 damage points
- Attackers get roastet
- New visual effects

Description of the Constant Night Vision Enchantment:
- You can see in the dark

Description of the Constant Invisibility Enchantment:
- If you are not sneaking you'll have to wait 5 seconds till you become invisible again.
- If you are sneaking you'll have to wait ca. 1 second till you become invisible again.
- As soon as you do something like for example speak to an actor you'll become again visible. After 1-5 seconds you'll become invisible again.
- If a forced guard dialogue happen and you become invisible during the dialogue, the dialogue gets aborted. (As soon you are in the "decision menu" it won't get aborted.)
- When you are invisible and guards are searching you because you did a crime, forced guard dialogues won't happen.
- Forced story dialogues will still happen even if you are invisible.
- NPCs will just detect you if you collide with them or when you are visible.

Description of the Constant Detect Life Enchantment:
- Hostile NPCs will glow red.
- Friendly NPCs will glow blue.

Description of the Constant Detect Life Sneaking Enchantment:
- Same like detect life but it'll be just active while sneaking