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Lore-friendly outfit replacers for the CBBE bodies. BodySlide 1.4 compatible.

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The official armour/clothing replacer for CBBE: Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition.

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Note: This mod is not compatible with the latest BodySlide, nor has it nor will it be updated for some time. Use this and this for now.

This is a work in progress -- additional armour/clothing conversions will be gradually added to this mod! The aim is to convert allĀ the vanilla Skyrim, and future DLC, armour/clothes to fit the CBBE bodies + BodySlide.

The armour sets have been reshaped and reweighed, but are intended to stay close to the appearance of the original armour. In some cases the resulting appearance change is subtle, and in others obvious. In all cases, you will feel more comfortable in armour that fits!

These outfits are fully BodySlide compatible, meaning you can custom design a shape that appeals to you! This method requires my BodySlide tool (v1.3 or later), which can be found as an optional download on the main CBBE mod or as the main file on the BodySlide and Outfit Studio mod.
These armours areĀ not designed to work with BBP, apologies.

Reminder: For the BodySlide versions of these outfits, the BodySlide program is required to be installed and used!

Note, no significant changes were made to the texture coordinates, so any existing texture modifications for these Skyrim armours will continue to work

This mod requires that textures from either CBBE Curvy or CBBE Slim be installed (ie, install CBBE first!).
Note, both texture options are compatible with all armour options in this mod.

Manual: For the base CBBE bodies.
1. Download and install CBBE. Follow the installation instructions there to get the body properly installed.
2. Download the archives from the downloads area.
3. Open the archives you just downloaded with 7zip. You will see three folders (Options, meshes, CalienteTools), several images, and a .txt file.
4. Click on/select the folder 'meshes', and extract it to your C:/.../Skyrim/Data folder. You now have the armours for the 'Curvy' body installed.
5. (Optional) If you use the Slim or Vanilla body, go into the 'Options' folder. You will see two folders, 'calArmorVanilla' and 'calArmorSlim'. If you use the Slim body, go into 'calArmorSlim', and extract the 'meshes' file there into your C:/.../Skyrim/Data folder. If you use Vanilla, go into 'calArmorVanilla', and extract that 'meshes' folder into the same place.

Manual: For the BodySlide CBBE bodies.
1. Download the CBBE body, and the BodySlide utility in the Optional area. To find it quickly, it is suggested to install the CalienteTools folder it is part of in your C:/.../Skyrim/Data folder. Follow the given instructions on that mod to install or create the CBBE body of your choice. If you make a BodySlide body, to get the armour the same shape, it is suggested to take a screenshot once you have the bodies you are happy with so you can match the sliders up.
2. Download the archives from the download area. Open each one with 7zip, and you will see three folders, several images, and a .txt file. Extract the folder called CalienteTools to where you extracted the previous 'CalienteTools'/BodySlide folder to.
CBBEv3.4+ users: Reinstall BodySlide after installing the files from this mod. The Combined/Soldier/Townsperson/Bandit packs are out of date. Reinstalling BodySlide will ensure your files are up to date
3. Go to where you extracted CalienteTools/BodySlide, and find the BodySlide.exe. Doubleclick on it to open it.
4. Change 'Outfit/Body' to one of the armours on the list. The top one is 'calArmor - Forsworn', so you can just use that. Change 'Preset' to make things easier for you if you like. Next, set up the sliders as you wish them to be. If you took a screenshot of the body you made, this should be easy enough.
5. Click 'Save Preset'.
6. Choose a name for the preset in the dialog that appears.
7. Select 'CalienteArmor' from the list of groups in the same dialog.
8. Click OK and choose a file name to save the preset. Make sure you save the file in the Bodyslide/SliderPresets folder, or bodyslide won't be able to find your preset file.
9. With your new preset selected in the preset drop down box, click "BatchBuild". You'll be prompted to confirm the action and all armors will be created.
WARNING: doing this will overwrite all of the above armor files without further warning. Be careful if you have existing armor mods or shapes you wish to preserve.
10. Follow steps 4 to 9 again, but replace 'calArmor - Forsworn' with one of the clothing options, such as 'CalClothes - FarmClothes01', and when you go to save the preset, check the box called 'CalienteClothes'. Once you have gone through all the steps, all the clothes in the pack should be included.

- You must have CBBE body textures installed or the visible skin will look strange.
- This package does NOT include any textures, and thus is compatible with any vanilla armour/clothing retexture mod.
- This package does not include the BodySlide tool itself, you must download that from the CBBE mod page/BodySlide page.
- You can configure each outfit to be an entirely different shape.
- While fully BodySlide compatible, these outfits are NOT configured to work with HDT.

Q1: When is the next pack coming out?
A: Never.

Q2: Will X Outfit be worked on at some point?
A: Work on this mod has stopped. There will not be any updates.

Q3: Can I use X Retexture Mod with this?
A: Given Caliente doesn't change the UVs of the armour/clothing pieces, if you can use the retexture mod with vanilla outfits, you can use them with these meshes. There are a few recommended retexture mods found in the Notes section.

Version 2.1.1
Merged packs, added FOMod installer and renamed group XML files.

The sole purpose of this update was to clean the installation process up a bit.
There are no new features yet, sorry. ;)
- Ousnius

Version 2.1.0
Various fixes.
Beggar and Blacksmith outfits added.

Version 2.0.1
Fixed errors with Townsperson pack.
Packs available as one file.

Version 2.0
Eleven new clothes and updated BodySlide data.

Version 1.0
Release. Nine converted armors and their associated BodySlide slider data.