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This mod is a complete overhaul of Whiterun, adding a ridiculous amount of new Items and tiny details.

Permissions and credits

My goal with this mod was to achieve a new level of immersion to a fantasy world.
Yes there may be a couple aspects that couldn't happen in real life, but then again who fights dragons in real life?

I added a ton of details and tiny plants to improve the feel of total immersion. Almost no piece of ground has been unchanged, and I hope it is to your liking!

***This mod WILL decrease performance since there are so many trees and plants and other details, I recommend SKYBOOST so that you may enhance your experience further***

This mod works best with environmental/Graphical mods (completely compatible with ENB mods)
-I reccommend:
-Terrain Bump
-Superl3 ENB
-Better NPC Clothing
-static mesh improvement
-Skyrim HD (of course)
***All of these mods can be found on either Skyrim Nexus, or the Steam Workshop***

What does this mod change/add?
This mod adds:
-1 Cow (yes this is hardly noteable, but still)
-Misc Items (lights, baskets, bowls, crates, etc...)
-Chairs & benches

Almost every part of Whiterun may now be harvested too! (for all your alchemists out there)

This mod changes:
Placement of several items, for instance:
-The grind stone has been moved under the canopy rather than in the original awkward angled position
-Seats surrounding the altar of Talos (seats have also been added)

Videos containing this mod:

Just simply extract the two files (both are required for the full effect) onto your desktop,
then drag and drop the files into your data folder.

You may also extract directly to the data folder, but due to my own faults and problems I tend to just drag and drop files.

To uninstall, just delete the two files named: "Beautiful Whiterun" and "Realistic Whiterun"


If you like this mod please feel free to send me feedback, or suggest new mods! I will be working with more mods and projects in the future!
Thanks again for downloading, and have fun in Whiterun!