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Let Dragons shout their own voice.

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When you fight a Dragon, it shouts at your face. Too bad, you can hardly hear what it says. Dragons are so intelligence that they have their own language but they are so dumb that they can not spell it clearly. Designers obviously want to make them smarter but they seem to forget. So here, this mod will change the shout of dragon to their "intended?" sound.
Changed shouts:
-Fire breath
-Frost breath (there is no built-in sound for the shout so I had to use Orc's shout, it 's closest I've found)
-Ice Form
-Unrelenting Force (too bad, dragon never uses it even though it's the only shout it has)

New Version 1.1:
In this version, I use other sound files so that the shouts of dragon are more close to their speaking voice. I also add more shouts to dragon as it's useless to give them sound if they don't know them.
- Odaviing now has his own unique shout voice.
- Frost breath/ Frost ball are no longer use Orc's version, though I'm still not satisfied with it.
- Dragon will now properly use Unrelenting Force
- Blood Dragon now have Dismay shout
- Frost Dragon now have Dismay and Disarm shouts
- Elder, Ancient Dragons, Alduin and Paarthurnax now have Dismay, Disarm and Ice Form shouts.
- New dragon: Guardian Dragon: have all but Ice form shout, this dragon uses the original shout file (i.e.: the one dragon use before installing this mod) but will use the full version (i.e: all 3 words)

Version 1.4
- Legendary and Revered Dragon will shout too.
- Legendary Dragon, Alduin, Paarthurnax can use Become Ethereal. While being ethereal, they will regenerate health.
- New dragon: Champion Dragon appear at level 78 along with Legendary Dragon. It can use Phantom Form to summon a Dragon that is as powerful as an Ancient Dragon.

Drop the files to the Data folder, if you are using the older versions of this mod, remember to delete all related files first.

Version 1.5
- Remove all new dragons.
- Phantom Form summons a leveled dragon and is relocated to Paarthurnax and Alduin. Alduin will only use this shout during the final quest in Sovgarde.
- Paarthurnax and his summoned dragon will deal much less damage to Alduin so as not to make the battle too easy for the player.
- Legendary dragon can use Soul Tear to reanimate or directly damage opponents.
- The bug that causes a delay between dragon using shout and the sound being played should not occured.