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About this mod

Mod is developed around the Necromancy style gameplay, from damage over time spells to perks that extend the utility of your spells

Permissions and credits

%%%%%%%%%%%%%% [ VERSION HISTORY ]

- New Perks (Dark Bond, Master Summoner)
- Master Summoner spells (Hallowed Death, Banshee, Drain Soul / Soul Unleash)
- New Spells (Deathly Swarm, Consume Corpse)
- Death Bolt (Speed has been increased / slightly reduced damage and mana cost up)
- Book Of Spells, gives a description of the spells Necromimesis provides

- Fixed a bug which did not show the Death Minions perk

- Fixed corpse explosion as some did not dissapear during the explosion, now leaves a ash pile behind which the contents is lootable
- Twilight Shroud visual effect has been improved for visability

- Fixed when Death Minions died, no longer leave a pile of ash laying around to clutter up the screen
- Fixed Scripting Errors / BSA not including my scripting library
- Damage scaling for dots have been lowered
- Death Feast has been fixed
- Shadow Affinity (Critcal Strike now has a effect on the target and sound effect when it occurs)
- Death's Minions no longer overwrite each other, no longer summable once 3 are up until one dissapears or dies

- Fixed Death Embrace
- Fixed Suffering as it killed to quickly
- Fixed Death Feast as it did not affect all minions when it gave health back

- Removed a exploit allowing you to summon minions by damaging your own minions
- Death Feast is now area effect to get kill off your minions quicker for health
- FIXED: Death Minion is now back to 25% (Had a problem with the Random Generated Number)

- Fixed Feast of Death not affecting the Archer Minion
- Minions now scale at your level
- Death Minion chance is now 10%

- Perk Tree has been redesigned from the ground up for better nagivation
- Nightfall has been removed as it was unstable
- Feast of Death (Perk) has been added which gives a shout that can heal you when you destroy your minions
- Corpse Explosion now a Shout affects all Corpses in the shout radius
- Death Minions have been changed, they now reflect the necromancer class and have a chance of spawning two types
- To get the full benifit of this mod its possible to revert back to a old save that did not have Necromimesis installed
- Damage scaling has been redesigned to give you +1 damage every 2 player levels (ex: 2,4,6,8)

- Initial Release

Necromimesis - PROXiCiDE

%%%%%%%%%%%%%% [ DESCRIPTION ]
NOTE - Big thanks to Loso3 for helping me with ideas
This mod was intended for Necromancy gameplay, Corrupt your enemies with damage over time spells and control minions at your hand
Your adventure starts in the extended version of the Conjuration Tree, spells scale via Skill Level


Q : This mod seems a bit overpowered
A : It might feel that way at lower difficulty settings, but this mod was designed around Master Difficulty

Q : Does this conflict with your previous mod 'Shadow Priest'
A : Yes it will conflict

Q : Will you add support for other custom mods
A : Will try my best but as development goes, mods will conflict regardless

Q : I dont like the feel of Twilight Shroud i want to see my armor
A : Future versions i plan to make a alternative version that does not have the graphical effect, but it will ruin the effect and gameplay feel for the Necromancer

Q : I dont like the way Twilight Shroud looks, anyway you can remove this?
A : Twilight Shroud is toggelable, meaning once you cast it you gain a buff, cast it agian to remove the buff and the effects

%%%%%%%%%%%%%% [ PERKS ]

[ Twilight Shroud ]
NOTE - Spells are added when you gain this perk
NOTE - Death Bolt, Deathly Swarm, Twilight Shroud, Shadow Disruption and Mind Terror [Shout]
Shrouded by Twilight, reducing all damage done to you by 15% and increased shadow damage done to your targets

[ Dark Bond ]
While you have a summoned minion you gain 25% health recovery

[ Master Summoner ]
NOTE - Spells are added when you gain this perk
NOTE - Summon Hallowed Dead, Summon Banshee, Drain Soul, Soul Unleash
Summon powerful minions to aid you, grants the ability to drain a soul and unleash them causing chaos on your foes

[ Blackout ]
Gives your Shadow Disruption and periodic shadow damage spells a 10% chance to paralyze your target for 3 seconds.

[ Corpse Explosion ]
NOTE - Spells are added when you gain this perk
NOTE - Corpse Explosion, Consume Corpse
Cause a corpse to explode doing shadow damage to all enemies within 20 feet

[ Corrupted Strength ]
Your Health and Magicka is increased by 50

[ Death's Embrace ]
NOTE - This spell is added
You have been overwhelmed with death's presence, causing you to be healed for 6% of your health when you do any single-target Shadow spell damage, lasts 30 minutes

[ Death's Minion ]
You have a 10% chance to summon a minion from hell when you do shadow damage from periodic spells

[ Death's Touch ]
NOTE - This spell is added
Causes Shadow damage over 15 sec, and when you deal damage with Death Bolt to an affected target you restore Magicka

[ Disseminate ]
NOTE - This spell is added
You disperse into pure Shadow energy, reducing all damage taken by 100%. Activating an object or attacking will break the spell but you regenerate Magicka every 1 sec for 6 sec

[ Improved Death Bolt ]
Death Bolt now has a 25% chance to knock down the target

[ Feast of Death ]
NOTE - This spell is added
Shout at your minions returning them to Oblivion, returns 25% of your health back per minion affected by the shout

[ Shadow Affinity ]
Your periodic shadow damage spells now have a 10% chance to gain a critical strike

[ Shadow Affliction ]
Your periodic shadow spells have their damage increased

[ Silence ]
NOTE - This spell is added
Silences the target, preventing them from casting spells for 5 sec

[ Siphon Life ]
When you deal damage with your Soul Corruption spell, your magicka is replenished by 10% of the damage done

[ Suffering ]
When your target is inflicted with Death's Touch 10% chance to cause a nearby enemy within 50 feet have a 25% chance to be instantly applied dot

%%%%%%%%%%%%%% [ INSTALL ]
Remeber to always back up your saves before installing any .ESP plugin
Place the ESP / BSA into your Skyrim/Data folder