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Name: Deus Mons
Version: .61
Date: 3/1/2012
Category: Abobes
Author(s): ElDiabs

I don't normally ask for my files to be endorsed, but if you enjoyed this, take a moment to click the thumbs up button in your download history. In fact, how about endorsing every file you have used and enjoyed on the Nexus??

It's actually easier then installing the mod itself. However, the choice is yours. Have fun!

Remember to back up your saves, just in case. You never know...

Please read the description before asking questions about bugs or issues you are having. Check the known issues/bugs section below for possible solutions.

For people having the building fade into view, please see bugs section below.

Also, this is a Nexus only mod, omitting translations to a point. I would prefer you put the translation on the Nexus though, but it is not required. Thank you.

[url=]Just In Time Lighting[/url]
Please take the time to endorse this mod. Without it I would not have been able to do the dynamic lighting in such a way.

-I used [url=]Jasmin ENB Real Cinema[/url] for many of the screenshots. I like the cinematic effect for screens. Not my personal preference for gameplay, but still worth checking out.

[url=]Spouses Can Live Everywhere[/url]
[url=]Followers Can Relax[/url]
[url=]Wandering Dupe Mannequin Fix[/url]
[url=]Female Mannequins[/url]
[url=]House Decorations[/url]

I also HIGHLY recommend using [url=]Wrye Bash[/url] and [url=]BOSS[/url] to help in reducing mod conflicts. You'll be amazed at how well your game will function after using these.

A fairly large and detailed player stronghold. Check screenshots if you need a reason to download this. Why such a ridiculously spacious castle you may ask? Because.

Next mod will be a boathouse/pirate lair of sorts...why again? Because!

Deus Mons is located atop a peak south of the Throat of the World. However, I recommend you first head to Vilemyr Inn in Ivarstead and look for a book in one of the rooms. No quest attached, so it is not necessary, but it provides a bit of a backstory.



Take down a powerful dragon to obtain the key to Deus Mons.

Hall of Heroes and Gods

Enjoy the Underfalls

Garden In the Overfalls

Pool area..ish

Check out the screens page for plenty more.

1. Use NMM to install. Esm and esp should automatically activate once installed.
2. Manually install contents of archive in Skyrim/Data folder.

Make sure to save outside of the cell being uninstalled. This has been common practice since Fallout 3. If you save inside of a cell and uninstall the mod controlling that cell , all manner of oddness will most definitely occur.

1. Use NMM
2. Delete the book pic textures (textures/ElDiabs), scripts, .esp and .esm files from your Skyrim/Data folder.

Back up your saves. There are known bugs with upgrading mods...unfortunately. I try to have a working and complete mod first time around, but some people make decent suggestions worth implementing. Keep this in mind when upgrading to a newer esp.

Make sure to save outside of the cell being upgraded. This has been common practice since Fallout 3. If you save inside of a cell and upgrade the mod controlling that cell , all manner of oddness will most definitely occur.

1. Unless otherwise stated in the download description, uninstall old version with NMM and install and activate new version...easy stuff. Updates may just be overwrites and not require the entire mod to be uninstalled first.
2. Manually remove old esm and esp files from Skyrim/Data folder. Install new ones.

For future use. Please report any you find.

Known Issues or Bugs
-Structure fades into view...looking a bit odd.
Quick solution: Face away from the building, save the game and quit. Reload and turn around. Building should be there.
For those with a decent computer: BACKUP and then open your Skyrim.ini. Under [General] change ugrids to 7 (see below example). REMEMBER that changing ugrids affects save games and you will need to consult the tutorials at [url=]Do Not Argue[/url] to revert things.

-Critter spawns (butterflies, dragonflies, etc) may not respawn. If anyone knows of a simple solution, please contact me.

-Lower end machines may experience lag or performance issues in some areas. Also, random lag may accur in interior sections. I've had this with many mods. Solution is to save, exit, and reload. Works every time.

-Horse will probably spawn in weird places...if anyone can fix this, let me know.

-Floating mannequins are a game bug, not my fault, but I'm looking into a possible solution. Go look at the mannequins in the game already, yup, they float sometimes too. Here is a possible fix for people having issues. [url=]Mannequins[/url]

-Will be dark for some enb setting and realistic lighting users. I built this according to the bethesda lighting, which is quite nice in my opinion. Download one of the light placement mods floating about and light the place up to your tastes. I won't be adding more lights. I did test it with [url=]Jasmin ENB[/url] and it looked really good, except for the fx above some statues and in the pool.

-Dragon clips through objects. Dragons clip through objects in the vanilla game as well. Dragon also likes to dive bomb you off of bridge. Sort of funny actually...I fell to my death twice when fighting him. Dragon may also decide to orbit. Shout the bastard down!

-Upon first entering into living quarters cell, mannequins and weapon racks may behave strangely. Simply leave the cell and re-enter.

Fixed ingots in vault chests...gah
Removed loot list from safes. All containers in the game have been set to no respawn since worries.
Added unobtrusive 'portals' of a sort. Connect Under and Overfalls as well as Overfalls and Living Quarters.
Removed alchemy table in Underfalls. Left benches in case people want to populate them with clutter from other mods.
Added this description to a txt file to the archive for downloading.

Fixed exterior worldspace navmesh across bridge and into main hall.
Fixed navmesh in Underfalls.
Fixed some rocks outside not properly displaying.
Added navmesh to top tower.
Added a bedroom door and some treasure chests to Vault.

Removed Full LOD setting from portions of structure that refuse to accept said command resulting in them not being visible. See bug list for solution to keeping structure from fading into view.

Initial Release

Tools Used
Creation Kit
7-Zip -
Readme Generator -

My other player homes:
[url=]Ranger Ridge[/url]

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