About this mod

regenerated all NPCs in vanilla game and dlcs using the "Vanilla hair remake" and "Expressive Facegen Morphs" mods .

Permissions and credits
"this mod is only for NPCs and does not affect the player's character in any way"

I regenerated all NPCs in vanilla game and dlcs using the "Vanilla hair remake" and "Expressive Facegen Morphs" mods so Trust me, with this mod NPCs will look much better than in the vanilla game.

NOTE: in the vanilla game, some vampire NPCs, such as Serana, have their race as "NordRace" instead of "NordRaceVampire", because of that when I export these NPCs with the Creation kit, their teeth become human teeth instead of vampire teeth and they have to be fixed manually, I fixed some of them in the 1.2 version of mod, but if you see any vampires without long fangs in your own game, please let me know the name or FormId of that NPC so I can fix it in a future update.


- It is compatible with most of the mods that change the appearance of NPCs, Just Load other mods after this mod.

- If you are using this mod, you no longer need the "Vanilla hair remake NPCs" because they are almost the same, the only difference between this mod and "VHR NPC" is that in this mod, apart from the hair of the NPCs, their faces have also been improved using "Expressive Facegen Morphs".

-Those who use mods like "BVFE - Better Vampire Fangs and Eyes" probably won't need them anymore because this mod already gives vampire fangs to female NPCs and replaces the long and ugly vampire fangs of vampire NPCs in the vanilla game with shorter and much better fangs.

But if you still want to keep your old mods, Load them after this mod.

- compatible with All texture replacer mods.


Niroku For Expressive Facegen Morphs
JG1 for Vanilla Hair Remake