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Poor, lonely Meeko! At last, you can give this orphaned hound a home.

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Poor, lonely Meeko! At last, you can give this orphaned hound a home.

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Changes -
* When using the "stay wherever I leave you" option, Meeko will now wander around a bit...but only when using this option. I did this A) because he refused to wander when using the other options and B) because I thought people might like the CHOICE, as Meeko can sometimes knock things over when wandering...

Fixes -
* Fix for Hjerim regarding player having more than one key to the house - the dialogue option should now appear even if you have a BAZILLION keys to the house.

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While Meeko is following you around, talk to him. You'll see a new topic: "Dog, listen up..."
This will bring you to the home selection options! The options are:

Home is Riften. [Requires: Key to Honeyside]
Home is Whiterun. [Requires: Key to Breezehome]
Home is Markarth. [Requires: Key to Vlindrel Hall]
Home is Solitude. [Requires: Key to Proudspire Mannor]
Home is Windhelm. [Requires: Key to Hjerim]

Home is shack. [Meeko will go home to his shack if: you select this option, have never specified a new home, or have entered the home selection menu...and then exited dialogue without picking one.]

Stay wherever I leave you. [Meeko will remain wherever he was when you dismissed him. Please note: if you tell him to follow you, then dismiss him in a different location, he will remain at this new location.]


To support the preconfigured "home" locations, I've added an invisible marker to each of these homes. If you're running a mod that heavily alters these homes, there *may* be anomalous behaviour. It should be pretty stable though; I haven't altered anything already present in the house.

Also, and obviously, if you've already modified Meeko, this mod may conflict. I've modified both Meeko's base details, and the quest that controls his behaviour.

KNOWN ISSUES (stuff that probably can't be fixed) -

* Sometimes when entering a house that you've just told Meeko to go home to, you'll find that Meeko is stuck on the inside of the front door. This only seems to happen if you enter the house immediately after him, or when another NPC has followed you in.

Sadly, I can't fix this. This is because Bethesda didn't account for Meeko's elongated collision detection: he spawns where a human would spawn, so his hind legs are *inside* the door. To fix this, access the console, click on Meeko (the code "000D95EA" should appear) and type: moveto player

* (Thanks to sendsome2me for reporting these) Despite the dialogue options appearing once you obtain the key to a house, you'll still have to enter your new home at least once, with or without Meeko, before he will know where to go (otherwise he gets confused and just stays where he is). Homes already owned and entered work normally.

* If you send Meeko home and follow him you might see him walking up to the door but never entering. Be patient, a dog needs to figure out how a door works but he'll manage to get in eventually. You can hang around to laugh at him, wait (T) an hour or simply go somewhere that brings up the loading screen and he'll be waiting inside the next time you visit your home.

Edit: Before reporting a bug, could you please turn on the console in game, and type the following:
player.getstage dunPOITundraMarshDogQST
Then include the number it gives you when reporting the bug (it should be a number from 100 to 180)

If you encounter any of the following glitches when using this mod, please report it, and I'll get right on it:

* Meeko going to the wrong house after you've definitely selected the right house.

* Meeko defaulting to his shack even though you've told him to stay somewhere else.

* Meeko vanishing entirely after you've left him for a while (this really shouldn't ever happen in this mod, but if it does, let me know).

* Meeko refusing to initiate dialogue (once again, shouldn't ever happen...but if it does, it means the quest stages broke for some reason).