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Made by GeraldMods and ported by turtlegodking

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A port of GervantMods Road Signs Overhaul 2.0 mod.

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A port of GervantMods Road Signs Overhaul 2.0 mod.

If there are any issues let me know

Credits to GervantMods

If you want to help support me to make more patches and ports you can find my Patreon here

I do also take phyiscal game copies or accessories as an option if you want to do that as I have a collection I wish to continue. (DM for more info)
Non-working is fine as long as it is intact

Come join the Discord you can find some WIP versions of the ports if you want to test/use them early (Do note that test versions are not the same as final ones)
We also offer modding and porting help all you have to do is ask.
You are also more likely to get in contact with me there then in Nexus PMs
You can find it here 

Current patches are:
Blended Roads
JK's Markarth Outskirts (I can not proved the required file as I still have not heard from JK about LE ports of their mods)

Cutting Room floor will be a real pain to make as it needs all the CC stuff + USSEP so do not expect that for a bit

It is not recommended to use this with Northern Roads or Lux Via
I have not tested it with them but as they all edit roads it is not a good idea
This however is better for compatibility then those two as of now

Ripped from the original description:

A complete remake of the Road Signs Overhaul mod with great attention to details and custom road signs for over 30 destinations!

Introducing Road Signs Overhaul 2.0, mod that brings a new immersive experience to your travels on the roads of Skyrim.This is the must-have mod for players seeking a vanilla-friendly overhaul of the road sings. With bug fixes, unique road signs for various locations, including Solstheim Island, and dynamically appearing signs for Hearthfire DLC manors, this mod ensures a smooth and immersive navigation experience throughout your adventures. Rediscover the joy of exploration and always find your way with Road Signs Overhaul 2.0

Custom road signs for sawmills, taverns, forts, farms and other locations
Unique road signs on Solstheim Island
Dynamically appearing signs for Hearthfire DLC manors (they will appear as soon as you start building the manors)
Great attention to details
Fixed vanilla bugs where road signs were pointing in the wrong directions
Plugin flagged as ESL
Compatibility patches for popular mods