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This mod was created for the Skyrim Guild's 2023 Mod Jam Event. With this mod installed, bonepiles now will crackle and rattle, when you walk over them!

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Known Issues:

Depending on how the bonepiles are placed, it can happen that the sound won't be triggered, because the collision isn't exactly,
where  the  surface of the bonepiles  is, it is located deeper in  the mesh, so it can happen, that the collision,  which triggers the
sound, is below the collision of another object, for example the room floor, where the bonepile is placed on!


Should be compatible with almost everything, exept mods that change the bonepile-meshes, or the same edits for bone-material!


Thx to darklady for her advice on how to change materials in nifscope!
Also to pixelmurder for pointing me to the right place to look for information on how to change Footsteps in the CK!
Thx also to Priest for feedback!
Big thx to Xtudo for helping with some edits and hinting to problems!