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UUNP bodyslide files for Asura's Guard Armor.

Permissions and credits

UUNP bodyslide conversion of Asura's Guard Armor by goampuja.

You will need the port by Farodadestin and its requirements.
All credit to original author goampuja and Farodadestin for the porting the armor to oldrim.


Download and install the BHUNP files from Farodadestin's ported mod.
You can remove the Caliente tools folder from it, will be less confusing
later when you build the armor in bodyslide. Download and unpack now
my files and put the Caliente tools folder in the ported armor mod.

Before batch build the armor, tick the build morphs box or it may goes all
wrong because the original mod comes with tri files. Have not tested
how it looks ingame then, but it cant be good.


The single pieces where created by using the combined
set after i was done with all my edits to it.

The zap slider feature should work, i have tested it.
But there are some odd for the single pieces like removing the
bra for bra. This is due to the process of making the
singles out of the combined armor. Simply ignore it.

Had much trouble with the feet in both boots and the weighting for
gloves and the arms top piece. But it should be fixed now.
Fixed the heels by adding the LE effect to the heels nif.

Use my Wear your Body mod together with the AG single pieces.
Its the Special B body or Special 2 for WyB 1.0.
Use it while not wearing the bra, fixes clipping.

Uploaded an addon which makes the other texture options available.
Craftable like the original armor pieces.
The armor addons use the alternate textures method.
Test it before using it in your playthrough.
If it will not work as it should, then simply throw
it against the wall or out of window.^^

Future Updates

- if you find some clipping issues, please upload a screenshot here with used body



For the original mod and for giving me
permission to make this conversion.


For porting the mod to oldrim.