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A highly customizable set of female armor.

Permissions and credits

- can be crafted/enchanted
- can be found

Fomod Options
- Heavy/Light Armor
- Texture Variations
- Heel Sound/Vanilla Sound
- Nude/Nevernude
- Balance Option
- Different GND's

Crafting Features
Everything here is also covered in the tutorial video.
Link with timestamp: >Crafting System<

Crafting Manual
- Unlocks the ability to craft the armor. Information on how to get it in game, look under 'locations' here in the description or watch the video.

Combined Armor
- The armor set consists 18 separate pieces. You can combine 15 of the minor pieces to one cuirass in game.
   You will end up with 4 pieces like in vanilla (Helmet, Cuirass, Gloves, Boots).
   The combined cuirass is called 'Asura's Guard'. 

Morph Helmet and Heels
- You can morph heels and helmet in game.
  Make heels to sabatons or the opposite.
  Make the helmet to an unmasked helmet or the opposite.

Scrap Combined Armor
- When you have combined your armor pieces to 'Asura's Guard', you can scrap it and make separate pieces again.

How does it work?
- Once you have read the crafting manual, you can make 3 different drinks at the forge. At the forge you can always circle through them.
  1: Asura's Craft: You can craft the armor with the required materials.
  2: Asura's Morph: You can combine the armor and switch between heels/sabatons and helmet/unmasked helmet.
  3: Asura's Scrap: You can make the combined armor and make separate pieces again.
- When you are done smithing, just drink the potion or throw it away.

The Idea
- This system allows you to modify the armor in a non destructive way. You can always revert your changes.
  You will lose upgrades and enchantments when you morph it but you won't lose the piece.

Zap Sliders
Everything here is also covered in the tutorial video.
Link with timestamp: >Zap Sliders<

- Many of the Armor pieces have Zap Sliders for more customization options.
- The combined piece (Asura's Guard) can be customized to the same extend as the individual pieces.
- What are Zap Sliders and how do I use them?:

Spoiler:  Show

Everything here is also covered in the tutorial video.
Link with timestamp: >Armor Location<
Link with timestamp: >Crafting Manual Location<

Armor Loction
- You can find the armor in 'Hag's End'. To reach 'Hags End' you must go through 'Deepwood Redoubt'.
Spoiler:  Show

Crafting Manual Location
- The manual is on a table to the right of the Gloombound Mine entrance.
Spoiler:  Show

Installation and Requirements

- Use your favourite Mod Manager. Only install one Main File.

- BodySlide is a soft requirement. With BodySlide you can build the outfit with your prefered bodyslide preset and you can use the Zap
  Sliders of the outfit.
- The CBBE and CBBE Physics version requires: Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer. For the CBBE Physics version you also
  need: XPMSE and HDT-SMP.
- The BHUNP version requires: BHUNP and all of its requirements. (please check if you have at least v3 or newer before you report
  clipping issues)

Tutorial Video

- This video covers: Zap Sliders, Locations, Crafting System


Acro748 for CBBE 3BA (3BBB)
- Bakafactory and Haeun and factoryclosed for BHUNP (UUNP Next Generation) SSE
ousnius and Caliente for Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- and BodySlide and Outfit Studio
Wenderer for FOMOD Creation Tool
Groovtama and Team XPMSE for XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XPMSSE
sisu123 for the name idea

Used Tools
- Blender
- Substance Painter
- Gimp2
- FOMOD Creation Tool
- BodySlide and Outfit Studio