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Adds 1542 Hand-placed Enemies to Skyrims dungeons and POIs (both interior and exterior zones). Emphasis was placed on strategic and immersive locations. (Archers on high ground, melee by doors). Care was given for a variety of battle sizes and enemy encounters. Small rooms have smaller number of spawns, larger rooms and forts have larger numbers.

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For SSE version go here: Hand Placed Enemies

What does it do:

Adds 1542 hand-placed enemies to skyrim's dungeons and POIs. This effectively increased the overall number of enemies at these locations by roughly 50%. Care was taken to create a variety of battle sizes and emphasis was placed on strategic and immersive placement. I did not simply add Npcs just to add them but rather to reinforce the spots that felt like they needed it. Some dungeons remain unchanged, others had their spawn count doubled.

Variety of fight sizes-

Already crowded and smaller rooms were left alone. Larger rooms and strategic locations had more spawns added.
Forts are now held by small armies of bandits.
You will still find spots with 1-2 enemies with the average fight being against 5-6. Larger battles feature 8-10 and forts are now defended by upwards of 20 archers. Bring a friend if you're trying to take a fort.

Focus on intelligent placement-

Archers hold high ground and guard long hallways. Melee guard doors.
Thief missions remain largely untouched for a focus on stealth.
In dungeons with multiple enemy types, enemies were placed in their appropriate sections.

Ambushes- (Main file only, optional file exists without this feature)

In a handful of dungeons, enemies may spawn in a room behind the player and seek to ambush you. Only a few dungeons have this feature and only when I felt it made sense. (A bandit raiding party returned, more falmer came out of the tubes.. etc.)


A few dungeons feature swarms of weaker enemies that may attack when you open a door.

Uses default leveled lists for maximum compatibility
If you use mods that diversify enemy spawns, my mod will further place those enemies, not just default ones.


So why does this exist?

There just aren't enough enemies in skyrim for my liking. And nothing else fixes the problem to my satisfaction. There are mods that dynamically "clone" spawns but they are limited by vanilla placement. An already-crowded room would end up filled to the brim with enemies and an empty room would remain empty. I wanted a more strategic placement and focus. Not just constant waves.

And the populated series adds too few enemies for my liking, (Only a few hundred) plus they use their own leveled lists. I wanted compatibility.


Installation and compatibility.

Install via a mod manager or manually extract to your data folder.

Load near the TOP (EARLY) of your load order BEFORE any lighting or sound overhauls. Any mod that wants / needs to overwrite aspects of this one can do so but needs to be loaded AFTER mine.

You should be able to add or remove midgame without issue but I advise doing so in a town or city, away from the dungeons.


Note to moderators: I made this mod entirely from scratch. I am publishing this mod in good faith with the belief that it is unique and does not violate any terms of this website. If I am mistaken in any regard, please note that I am willing to correct any issues myself as soon as i am notified and ask for the right to correct any honest mistake.