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Adds Three EE Mercs who will assist you on your assault on Japhet's Folly.

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So, anyone play "Rise in The East"? No? Well, you'd be forgiven for not considering this gem of a quest is hidden away in an abandoned-looking building on the Docks of Windhelm. Allow me to spoil you if you haven't played it, so you may have context behind this mod.

If you don't want spoilers, skim over this next paragraph. I won't spoil too much though.

"Rise in The East" is about pirates attacking East Empire Company shipping, and you're contracted to help stop the pirates. It takes you from Windhelm to Dawnstar to a small island in the Sea of Ghosts named "Japhet's Folly". At this point in the quest, you're to mount an assault on Japhet's Folly and take out the pirate captain.

Problem is, you're sent in alone on a one-man assault - Companions not counted in - The devs placed the logic within dialogue that the mercs are too afraid of the pirate captain to actually fight. You know that doge meme where there's the big buff doge that says something tough right next to the little doge that says something cowardly? Yeah, well, that's them practically. I thought that was dumb, and so here we are.

This mod adds in 3 Mercs to Japhet's Folly who will join you in your assault and provide backup against the pirates. If the captain of the squad survives, he'll later appear in Windhelm and live a regular NPC life for the rest of the game. Fully voice acted by two voice actor friends of mine, simple and sweet. Speak to the Merc leaning on the railing of the ship to to get the option to spawn the squad. You'll also get to choose where they spawn on the island.

I also took the liberty of unlocking both gates on Japhet's Folly's entrance to allow for a frontal assault and also added a generic Merc to Windhelm's Docks to protect East Empire assets.

Special Thanks to:
Stewart Moyer - East Empire Company Captain
Red Metal - East Empire Mercenary