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A new version of my previous mod: Fjotra, Sybil of Dibella, as a Young Adult, with a new look, some fixes and light flagged ESP.

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This mod is a LE backport of Shaysjhyar/Allison Wade's SSE mod . Description below is copied from original SE mod.

A new version of my previous mod: Fjotra, Sybil of Dibella, as a Young Adult.

I changed her look a bit and made a couple of fixes to make things run smoother.
Also the ESP is now flagged as light, so it won’t count for your total plugins number.

Fjotra, in the vanilla game, is a child who’s been chosen to be the new Sybil of Dibella. But since the cult of Dibella (especially with some spicy mods) is not a place for children, I was asked to turn her into a young adult and flesh her out a bit more.

So here’s what this mod provides:
  • Child Fjotra is now replaced with an adult NPC with custom facegen morphs and hair textures (no skin or body attached – she will use the ones you have installed or if you want her to look like in the pictures I recommend Bijin Skin with CBBE).
  • Fixed the dialogue so that it will be more appropriate for the age of the girl and added some new fully voiced lines to give her a bit more of dept (dad and Fjiotra’s new dialogue lines are generated using xVAsynth – sorry if they are not perfect but I did what I could to not make them sound too robotic :P)
  • Added a new small quest that starts as soon as you finish with the Sybil quest in which Fjotra will ask for your help to retrieve her new robe.
  • After completing the quest, Fjotra will also become a potential follower. This is mainly so you can manage her outfit in case you want to change her robe. I didn’t touch her stats so she would be pretty useless in combat XD
No other requirements beside some texture replacers of your choice for the skin, eyes, brows, etc. The clothes you see in the pictures are from Rustic Clothing and Temple Guardian outfit by Rektas (not included).

Better to install on a new save where you haven’t visited the Temple of Dibella yet. If you use it on a save where you already completed the Sybil quest you’ll miss all the new dialogues, but it should still work and you will still be able to start the new quest and get her the robe since it’s a separate quest.

Compatibility and Other Issues

You might have compatibility problems if you run other mods that change Fjotra’s appearance and clothing or mess in any way with her AI or the Sybil’s quest. Place this mod as low as you can in your load order (meaning it has to override the other mods).

If you have the previous mod already installed you can keep it – it still works fine – or replace it with this new one if you like this face better or want to free a plugin slot. Just be warned: most of the stuff is the same, but the scripts and dialogue for the side quest have a different ID (due to the ESL-ification) so I can’t guarantee it won’t cause you some issues depending on the stage of the quest you’re in. It’s always safer to install on a new game.

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