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(These are the in-game guidebooks in text format, for those who have difficulty reading them in-game due to messy fonts)


By Brelyna Maryon,
High Elf of Winterhold


How to trigger Scenes
How to acquire Summon spell
Bibliography (Credits)


According to the visions I received by indulging on the excellent Premonition Potion created by J'zargo the Khajiit, the following events will take place in the near future regarding the most awkward and nerdiest individual of the College (that can't be me, right? Of course not. I'm not a nerd nor I am awkward, I swear!):

* The College will be led by a sudden newcomer who is simultaneously hailed as "the Dragonborn". In fact, I speculate the main reason this rookie will be elevated to Arch-Mage is due to this Dragonborn status rather than magical talent. But I may be wrong on this.

* The Future Arch-Mage and The Nerd will form a special bond after they are involved in a shapeshifting mishap. Afterwards, The Nerd will become a companion and open up on a lot of topics.


* When The Nerd is following the Future Arch-Mage, and they are in the College dormitory, the Future Arch-Mage can engage with J'zargo asking about The Nerd, and a scene will play.

* Likewise, in the same situation the Future Arch-Mage can ask The Nerd about J'zargo, and a some scenes will play out.

* The Future Arch-Mage can take The Nerd to Neloth in Solstheim and introduce her to him. Of course, the introduction will never go smooth... (This dialogue only happens indoors and The Nerd must be a current follower.)

* Many of these scenes use a random dialogue system so they may be slightly different each time.


* After becoming the Arch-Mage, he/she can question Phinis Gestor about his abusing practice regarding his pupils. As a result the Arch-Mage will acquire a spell (lesser power) to summon The Nerd whenever needed.

* After acquiring the "Call (Nerd)" spell, the new Arch-Mage can tease The Nerd about this new ability. What a s'wit! But I guess since The Nerd has used the Arch-Mage as an involuntary test subject so many times, this might be just a small revenge. After all, it seems they like being with each other, don't they?


* At night, when everyone is asleep, the Future Arch-Mage can inquire the resident geezer Tolfdir about his suspicious behaviors regarding The Nerd. This takes place in the College dormitory.

* The Nerd is known to have the skill to create an exotic perfume. One of the main ingredients of this perfume is a fire breathing bug that feeds on human tails (whatever that means...).

* The Nerd will attempt to grow vegetables straightly out of flesh. Seems like a clever idea. I mean, if flesh decomposes into soil and vegetables grow out of them, wouldn't it be more efficient to convert flesh directly into plants? Why not grow them on living flesh and skip the die and decompose part altogether?

* If the future Arch-Mage has The Nerd's book in the inventory, a topic about it will appear to J'zargo.


an obfuscating individual she doesn't even know yet!

By Brelyna Maryon,
Decimator of Privacy


How to recruit Lilija as follower
Lilija's Homecoming
Acquiring "Call Lilija" spell
Bibliography (Credits)


I don't know what J'zargo puts in his potions, but they sure are strong. The sights they give me are becoming more vivid each day!

Lately, for some confounding reason, I keep receiving these visions about a damsel in a cold, bleak castle. Her name is Lilija, and she comes from Riften. She and I have nothing in common so I can't imagine how we are related, nor why these visions keep coming to me. Oddly, this girl does have a voice eerily familiar, wonder where I heard it?

I did read somewhere there's a hidden diety called "The Modder", who creates all these things but is so lazy that he sometimes lumps similar assets together for his convenience while creating. Maybe the familiarity of the voice is related to this. I think a lot of the inexplainables in this world can be attributed to this erratic diety and the Divines indeed are known to move in mysterious ways. Or is he of the Daedra sort? With his mischievous behavior, it certainly seems a possibility...

Although my relationship with this damsel is unclear, it seems definite that her fate is deeply intertwined with that of the future Arch-Mage and Dragonborn, AKA You. I'm writing this account in hope it helps you both reach your best possible destinies.


Lilija, who is currently guarding Ulfric's throne at the Windhelm palace, won't speak to you unless you join the Stormcloaks and finish taking the oath. She'll also refuse to speak if you betray the Stormcloaks by handing the Jagged Crown to the Empire and keep going down that route. (She'll still keep talking to you as long as she's a current follower though.)

Once you have taken the Stormcloak oath, you can ask her to be your follower through one of her dialogues.

Keep in mind she's not essential nor protected so don't forget to use whatever follower mod you're using to change this status.

If you side with the Empire, she'll remain unavailable and you'll eventually have to kill her alongside the rest of Ulfric's court.


Once Lilija agrees to follow you, you can bring her back to Riften to show her parents Nura and Vulwulf Snow-Shod she's alive. You can also take her to her brother Asgeir. In order to see their reunion reaction, Lilija must be following and you must talk to the family members about her. (However their reactions are brief so don't have high expectations!)

Note: Even after the reunion the family members will still act as if Lilija is dead. You can get a hint about the reason for this behavior through Lilija's dialogue.


Bring Lilija to her mother, Nura Snow-Shod. Talk to Nura while Lilija is following. As a priestess Nura knows some Divine Intervention spells, but has been unable to use them herself because as it turns out, it doesn't work with people who has been hit with... What?! (I'm seriously starting to question the legitimacy of J'zargo's potions...) The other family members can't use it too, as they lack the magical ability. So she gives the spell, which is a lesser power, to you. Now you can call for Lilija's aid whenever you need.


* Please, please don't bring me to Lilija and tell her what I've been doing. She's going to be mad! (triggers a mini scene, you must have joined the Stormcloaks and Brelyna must be a current follower)

* Curiously, if you take me near her, you can ask me about her voice. This is really starting to bug me. I mean, what's so special about her voice? (I also see similar things happening when I'm near Jordis, Ysolda, Karita and even Jarl Elisif. I don't understand. What do all these women have in common?)

* I wonder what happens if you take Lilija, a Stomcloak, near Jarl Elisif. Obviously she's not going to assassinate her, right?

* Unlike some other Stormcloaks, this girl seems to stand up for us Dunmer. I think I like her already. (If you bring Lilija near Rolff Stone-Fist in Windhelm and talk to her about him, a scene will trigger.)

* This Rolff guy seems to be a real piece of work. If he ever crosses me, I'm going to teach him a lesson! (If you bring Brelyna near Rolff Stone-Fist and talk to her about him, a scene will trigger.)

* Lilija seems to have some inner conflitcs about the war. You can have some lengthy conversations about this matter as the war progresses. (After you complete "Rescue from Fort Neugrad (CWMission04)" and "False Front (CWMission03)", new dialogues will emerge respectively. These topics are under "Do you have a moment to talk?")