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High poly nord follower or Jordis, Mirai, Annekke, Frea replacer

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Background: Strange mix between wizard and barbarian warrior. Since she was a child she learnt the art of the two handed sword combat with her Uncle so she became a skilled sword maiden. Originaly from Winterhold, she felt attracted to the arcane arts so she decided to enter the college. She was doing good there until she was evaluated by the teachers and told her she was too clumsy for bieng a mage, so crying she left the college for going adventuring thru Skyrim in a travel of self discovering. She felt she couldn't combine her magic abilities with her sword maiden spirit so she felt sad. Traveling across Skyrim she arrived at Whiterun to enter with the companions to discover her other "warrior" side. She waited patiently at the Witherun stables looking for a chance to enter the city and someone finally seems to arrive...


_25 years
_light armor
_As the story says, she is a mix of barbarian mage, she will preffer two handed sword combat at close range also having a two handed sword mastery meaning she swings her sword faster also capable of choping heads. At her mage side and in long range she will be a destruction mage with apprentince to master level fire spells and alteration like oak flesh and superior

She will wait for you at the Whiterun stables


_It´s safe to install? Yes 
_How i intsall it? Use any mod manager of your taste or drop the content folder on skyrim data folder.
_She is marriagable? Yes
_She is too powerful, too weak- Use ssedit.
_Why do you link other game assets? Only for credit purposes, search it for yourself
_Is not lore friendly_I don't care
_What is an ESP-FE? Normally skyrim allows 255 esps (mods plugins), well this not count

If you see that i'm using some of your asstes and i didn't credit you don't be a jerk and threat me on comments section that you gonna report me and ask for ban me, like all humans i can forget something and i didn't realize so send me a personal message and i will fix it right away, lets keep this civilizated thanks


The eyes of beauty 
Bijin skin
Ks Hairdos

High Poly Head