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Weapon which hurts your enemies but doesn't kill them. Perfect for knockout and yield mods¹.

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Non-lethal weapon made to work with yield and knockout mods¹ but can be used without them.

Version 3 is much better. It works now with followers² and damage scales with the one-handed skill³. 

The mace now has a physical damage of 1 (2 with power attack). This 1 physical damage doesn't increase with any skill or perk.
If the opponent's health falls below 5pts, a very strong fear spell is cast on them (99pts for one min) and the opponent is healed 5pts.

The mace's frost damage is now independent of destruction perks and scales with the one-handed skill and the opponent's health³.

Slow debuff occurs regardless of opponent's health. The enchantment doesn't use any charge. The mod doesn't use any scripts.


Can be found in White River Watch (east of Whiterun, cave near the Honningbrew Meadery), near the entrance. The chest it is found in respawns, in case you lose the mace or want to have other ones for followers².


¹ I currently use these mods, but there are others as well:

YIELD mods

 I Yield! I Yield! by ThunderRolls

Treebalance - Speech Tree by sushisquid


NPC Knockout Overhaul by sevencardz


² There is still this problem where if followers see a weapon with more than 1 damage, they will pick it up and use it instead. If anyone has a solution to this, please let me know. I know there are mods to disable vanilla followers' hunting bows.


³ If health > 10 adds a 5pt frost damage (independent of perks)
If health > 15 and wielder's one-handed skill is > 24 it adds an extra 5 frost damage on top
opponent health > 20 & wielder onehanded > 49 another 5pts frost damage 
health > 25 & onehanded > 74 another 5pts
health > 30 & onehanded > 99 another 5pts frost damage on top


ALTERNATIVES to my mod (can be used together. I still use some of them):

Special Ghostblade by sushisquid
I wouldn't have made this mod if I was able to make the ghostblade work.

Staff of the Gorgon's Curse by alanovichromanov

Suffocation Spell by Fantafaust

This is my Broom Stick by giamel
Weapon which does 1 damage.



Version 2 fixes the problem where the illusion perks increased the damage rendering the mace lethal.
Version 3 adds physical damage so followers can also use it. Also scales damage with one-handed skill.

The following description applies to versions 1 and 2 in case anyone chooses them over the latest:

The mace does no physical damage at all. 

It does low frost (5 without perks) damage, and even lower (1 damage without perks) if the opponent's health is too low (lower than 8.5 health points). If the enemy's health gets even lower than that (less than 2.5 points), the mace doesn't do any damage at all and casts a very strong fear spell instead (level 99, lasts for a whole minute, so the mace can be still useful without any other mod).