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Replaces the adventure reward with a lovely unique one. 43 new weapons so far. 4K-2K-1K.

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Hammet's Dungeon Packs
Unique rewards LE

By Xtudo
What better than a wonderful unique reward after finishing a difficult dungeon full of dangers.
This mod do that, it places the cherry on top of the cake. :)

  • 43 unique weapons. I will do Armors next, and it will be safe to update mid-game.
  • The patches are just a visual replacer, they keep the original armors/weapons stats, temper requirements, etc.
  • It doesn't touch any vanilla items, nor locations.
  • It can be easily merged with Merge Plugins for example. The BSAs must be merged too, or extracted.

Optional downloads
  • Arani Valestorm replacer. Based on the lovely The Wolven Widow - SerketHetyt's Elisif Overhaul mod by my dear friend serkethetyt (thanks you very much!). Her new weight is 20 (from the original 10), if you already meet Arani, you'll need to set her weight to 20: Select her via console, setnpcweight 20, disable, enable.

Important info
As our dear venjhammet posted:
  • Hammet Dungeon Pack 01 (HDP1) has a total of 30 dungeons to explore.
  • Hammet Dungeon Pack 02 (HDP2) will have a total of 16 dungeons (excluding Hammet's Folly).
  • I'll do the same kind of mod for HDP2 too, when it is released.


- SE-AE version here.

I did it for my game and now I'm sharing it, hope you like it! 
Don't forget to endorse. :)


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