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An easy guide for unaware users, who wanna use a big chunk of SE content in LE.

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Here's a list of file-content, that can and cannot be converted for LE compatibility >>>

Things that can be converted:

Recommended apps: XnViewMP and paint.net

Most textures work out of the box, but sometimes you encounter mods with the bc7-format, which will result in a white or purple texture ingame, since LE can't render them. Converting them to bc3 is one way to go and highly recommended, as other formats don't provide any benefit. XnViewMP can mass convert dds files with sub directories and it automatically uses bc3. Additionally it can downscale and apply filters such as 'denoise' to textures as well. If there's a texture with noticeable artefacts, open the original bc7-texture in paint.net and save it as "B8G8R8 (Linear, B8G8R8)". This is a none-compressed format, which is recognized by LE's engine. Keep in mind this makes the file size three times larger.

Recommend apps: SSE Nif Optimzer, Cathedral Assets Optimizer and NifSkope

Usually meshes can be converted without a problem, but in rare cases they get messed up a little. SSE Nif Optimizer is the fastest and most simple tool for that, however it might struggle with extremely large meshes. This is where Cathedral Assets Optimizer might get the job done.
Some SE-specific facegen meshes still look broken ingame when converted and require some hand work. To correctly apply facegen meshes from SE to LE, edit the mesh in NifSkope and go to 'BSLightingShaderPropety', then go to 'Shader Flags 2' and uncheck 'Packed Tangents' in each face part.
Sometimes there might be still the dark face bug being present, but there's a way to get around this. Set the texture lighting and the skin tone for the desired npc in its esp to 128 each. This will alter the skin tone to match the "broken" face color of the mesh, which is normally #808080 as a hex value. This of course is a workaround and not a fix.

Already covered by another detailed guide ---> https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/104459

Sound/music files
No conversion required, plug and play.

Script mods
If SE-scripts don't rely on a specific skse-plugin, then they should work out of the box.

Depending on the mod you wanna use, you have to inspect the esp for complications. xEdit/TESVEdit has a right click entry "Check for errors", which will list everything that needs some adjustments. Form version 43 and 44 shouldn't cause any problems, at least that's my experience.

Things that can't be converted:

Behavior files
There might be a secret trick, however it's none I'm aware of. Let me know if there's anything so I can update this guide.

ENB DirectX 11 shaders
Obviously, these have to be rewritten for DirectX 9.

These can be rewritten with an attached source code, but not a chance without it.

With the majority of modding being shifted towards SE/AE, I hope this guide is helpful for those who still wish to stick with LE. Clearly there's no guarantee these methods will always work, but it should lead to the right direction.

Happy modding =)