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Small house in Solitude with room for 2 kids and buildable crafting stations.

Permissions and credits

Several decades ago Quintus Velius came to Skyrim looking for adventure, and then...
...Then he got married, became a city guard and built this house. After his wife died he decided to sell the house and move in with his nephew back in Cyrodiil.


By default there are no crafting stations - you have to build them yourself.
The idea here is to give you the ability to pick and choose crafting stations you need for your playthrough.

There's a sign outside the house - you can ignore it, it's there mostly for immersion but it tells you that the house is for sale, how much it costs and who you should speak to. It can be removed later.

To buy the house you need to speak to Quintus Velius who is in the Winking Skeever.
The house costs 12000 gold, the dialogue option to buy the house will only appear if you have enough money to buy it.

After you buy the house you need to build carpenter's workbench if you want to build any crafting stations. In order to do this you need Carpenter's Workbench Assembly which can be found inside the house in the study area in a chest behind a chair (shown on screenshots). Once you have it go outside and click "Build Carpenter's Workbench" in a spot where that workbench should be placed (shown on screenshots).

List of buildable items:


-Alchemy table
-Enchanting table
-Ingredient storage
-Potion Storage
-Soul gem storage
-Companions' beds/Kids' beds (can be swapped at any time)


-Outside food storage (replaces bench)
-Tanning rack
-Armorer's workbench
-Outside storage shelf
-Remove sign

Other features:

-You can set/clear table.
-You can Light/Put out fireplace (fire must be lit in order to use the cooking pot).
-You can change shrine by clicking on a note that's on the table next to the shrine. Each time you click next shrine will appear.
-You can change armor on the armor stand - it works just like changing the shrine, you need to click on a note that's on a night table (anything stored in the Armor container is safe, it will be there when you change the appearence of the armor stand)
Armor options:
Solitude guard armor (default)
Whiterun guard armor
Stormcloak armor
Thieves' guild armor
Thieves' guild armor gray
Imperial armor
Mage apprentice armor
Mage apprentice white armor
Ebony armor

There are 7 bookshelves in the study area.
There's plenty of storage both named and unnamed. All storage outside and inside is safe.
Bed gives well rested bonus.
There's a room for 2 kids or 2 followers.

I don't recommend buiding a smelter because it sucks, but it's there if you really need it.

Whole thing is navmeshed and cleaned with TES5Edit.

Credits and permissions:

DarkFox127 - Craft Script, Fireplace Script, Shrine Cycle Script
garret1097 - Idea and inspiration

This file contains custom resources and new meshes created by myself, if you
want to use any of them be sure to give proper credit.