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Magical battleaxe with animated textures and a unique feature.

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"...Blessed by dragons, their flaming magic flows through steel and wood of this ancient weapon, Azakhuld, as it was called by
its previous owner, who was an honored captain of the once called "Dragon Sentinels", an order of powerful warriors who defended
a now lost underground kingdom, which according to legends, met its end by an unknow dark power.

Azakhuld was seen not just as a symbol of power, but as a rememberance of friendship between men and dragon, a friendship that dictated the force and magnitude of the now lost kingdom.

The magical axe is filled with fire magic, bestowing its qualities to the wielder, when the user concentrates its own willpower, its possible to channel the fire magic even further, providing more destructible flaming spells..."

The dragon blessing infused in the axe can channel powerful fire magic.

When equipped, it bestows you:

 20% Fire Resistance
Shout cooldown decreases by 10%.


Unique Lesser Power "Fire Channeling", when used grants you:

Increases fire spells power by 10%
 Increases fire enchantments power by 25%
Releases a "Firebolt" on power attacks

Effect lasts 60 seconds.


Having a "Flaming Salt" in your inventory, the item will be consumed and "Fire Channeling" will be cast in a stronger version
which grants the player:

Increases fire spells power by 20%
 Increases fire enchantments power by 50%
Releases "Incinerate" on power attacks

Effect lasts 60 seconds


New Misc item: Flaming Salts

Flaming Salts are a variant of the normal Fire Salts, it has been magically and chemically modified to be used as
an activator of some sort, spreading the salts on Azakhuld will boost its already powerful features.

Can also be sold for its high price.

The recipe to craft the Flaming Salts can be found on a book, just by the side of the axe.

Azakhuld can be found at Southfringe Sanctum
Just by the side there is a book that contains more lore on the weapon and the recipe to craft Flaming Salts.
Take a look:

Manual installation:
Extract the files, copy to your Data folder. Then activate the .esp in the Skyrim launcher

Vortex/Mod Organizer installation:
Click the manager Install button, follow instructions.

Maya 2016
Photoshop CC
Creation Kit

Humus: For his cubemap base "lycksele_night"

Billyro: For converting Humus cubemaps properly.

Reaverzend: For the beautiful screenshots