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Welcome to New Vominheim now with questline for you to enjoy and explore the land.

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New Vominheim
by: venjhammet

Lore Story:
Thousands of years ago there was a powerful dark lord necromancer named Vuldur who ruled over Vominheim with force and intimidation. The citizens of the land lived in constant fear until one day a young nord prince name Valdgar stood up and rebelled against them. Gifted with the way of the voice, the young prince together with his followers stormed the temple. A grand battle ensued between the dark elven lord master and the young nord prince. Eventually the young prince managed to wound the dark lord. Facing imminent defeat, the dark lord fled to Desolate Veil and finally the land was freed from the tyranny of the cultist group and their former master.

Explore new Vominheim now with questline and discover the many mysterious locations it has to offer. Defeat powerful enemies and collect unique armor sets and weapons as you journey into this unforgiving land. It also has houses you can own, followers to recruit and even a large cavern like Blackreach to explore and two new very hard challenging dungeons to test your characters build.

To start your adventure you must head to Solstheim and go north of Damphall Mine and there you will encounter a group of cultist the Disciples of Vuldur looking for a certain individual (you) to assassinate. Read their note then your journey begins. Level requirements will be atleast level 40.

This Mod encourages you to explore the island and does not always points you where to go. There are no interesting NPC voicelines (too much work for a one man job). This is already a massive undertaking for me.  It's mainly made for exploration and the existence of the Quest only adds a bit flavor to the game. Hope you enjoy this mod and support it.

changelog v2.06
-Froskyre expanded to a large dungeon
-Frozen Tide Refuge expanded to a large dungeon
-added a new frozen dwemer dungeon southeast of Mer Varden
-fixed Champion of Vuldur level stats (Still OP)
-fixed armor reward effects from Champion of Vuldur
-fixed english grammar on text books and notes
-added the location site of portal shrine on the note from a questline

changelog v2.05.2
-fixed on an npc on Coldmist which was accidentally checked as invulnerable
-fixed on a reward armor when worn making the player head disappear

changelog v2.05.1
-fixed an enemy npc on Coldmist which was accidentally click as ghost therefore unkillable
-removed radiant quest enable on all the remaining dungeons
-fixed the entrance of Mzund Til preventing player to get out
-fixed the floor on Willowgrim Basement w/c would make you fall off
-fixed a shield reward that I forgot to put an enchantment

changelog v2.05

-added questline and so many side quests to discover and enjoy
-new villages and loads of dungeons and caves to discover and explore
-fixed lag issue on Whiteshore and Wake Crest
-land mass has been expanded and is now much bigger than before
-may require a new gameplay ONLY for those who were using the old version (v2.04.1 and below)
-not compatible with older version (v2.04.1 and below) due to the quest implementation
-new comers no need a new gameplay may install mid gameplay

Please do take note that this mod is Nexusmods exclusive. No posting on other site and no request for port to console.
Please don't forget to endorse and support my mods and do come check out my discord channel

Special big thanks to Lysander for his tremendous support on editing of lore books and notes and for untiringly doing beta testing on his Twitch channel.
To Fableforge for the quest tutorial and to my patrons who never ceased to support me