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Welcome to New Vominheim, a DLC size land mod larger than Solstheim with questline for you to enjoy and dozens of locations to discover and explore.

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New Vominheim
by: venjhammet

Lore Story:
Thousands of years ago there was a powerful dark lord necromancer named Vuldur who ruled over Vominheim with force and intimidation. The citizens of the land lived in constant fear until one day a young Nord prince named Valdgar stood up and rebelled against them. Gifted by the way of the voice, the young prince together with his followers stormed the temple. A grand battle ensued between the dark-elven lord master and the young Nord prince. Eventually, the young prince managed to wound the dark lord. Facing imminent defeat, the dark lord fled to Desolate Veil and finally, the land was freed from the tyranny of the cultist group and their former master.

New Vominheim is a DLC-size mod much larger than Solstheim with over 30+ questlines and 50+ dungeons and locations waiting to be discovered and explored. Defeat powerful enemies and collect "unique enchantments" of armor sets and weapons as you journey into this unforgiving land. It also has houses you can own, followers to recruit, and even a large cavern like Blackreach to explore and some extremely challenging dungeons to test your character's build.

To start your adventure, you must head to Solstheim and go north of Damphall Mine and there you will encounter a group of cultists the Disciples of Vuldur looking for a certain individual (you) to assassinate. Read their note then your journey begins. Level requirements will be at least level 20. Available on both SE and AE. This Mod encourages you to explore the island and does not always point you where to go. There are no interesting NPC voice lines (too much work for a one-man job). This is already a massive undertaking for me.  It's mainly made for exploration and the existence of the Quest only adds a bit of flavor to the game.

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How to go back to Skyrim or Solstheim:

After you finish the main Quest "The Land of Fire and Ice" a fast travel marker will be available near Whiteshore and Mer Varden.
-Near Whiteshore, fast travel to Skyrim
-Near Mer Varden, fast travel to Solstheim

You can also go back via boat.
-Whiteshore dock to Skyrim
-Mer Varden dock to Solstheim

Important things to take note of:

1. May install during mid playthrough provided it's your first time playing this mod
2. If you played Land of Vominheim before then it's highly recommended you start a new game  (You can get away with this by uninstalling Land of Vominheim while you are on Skyrim then install New Vominheim: NOT RECOMMENDED)
3. No request for port to console. All of my mods shall remain Nexusmods exclusive only. (PC only)
4. Show some respect, no posting on another site, please
5. Compatible with all of my Reworked Dungeons, Standalone Dungeons, Hammet Dungeon Pack 1 & 2 and Valefrost.
6. No one is allowed to make changes, alterations such as new textures for weapons and armor or patches on this mod without my express permission
7. Quest guide, please click the DOCS Tab

New Quest - Unholy Invocation
-to start find the book The Shrine of Egurr in Magestead or Enthril


-fixed one house in Mer Varden with no lighting template
-flooring in Enthril basement change
-change all dungeon lighting template
-cell expanded on Wraithbog Catacomb
-expanded the western area of the island
-added books and shelves on some dungeons
-added a new dungeon 'Skaldurim' on the western side of the island north of Fort Volmin
-added a new shrine location 'Egurr' north of Fort Volmin
-added a new quest "Unholy Invocation"
-added books on Vominheim history

-2nd cell expanded for Aldmere Cave
-2nd cell expanded for Angvarth
-added a secret cell in Angvarth
-expanded cell on Banefrost crypt
-expanded cell Blightrock Cave
-expanded cell Brimclaw Cave
-expanded last cell in Ingimund Temple
-expanded cell in Vorskull

-added indicator marker to read the note at Helmfrost
-added indicator marker to search the knapsack at Btharzilef
-added indicator marker to search the dead body inside the Hall of Amethyst
-all portal shrines are now visible on the map
-added a new quest “Boots on the Water”, to start head east of Khel Daral on an unmarked bandit camp and loot the knapsack for the note. 

*WARNING please read before you decide to update*
If you have already finished the following quest: 
-The Infernal Machine (Btharzilef) 
-Rescuing The Amethyst Girls (Hall of Amethyst) 
-The Faith of the Expedition (Helmfrost) 

you need to use the Console Command to complete the miscellaneous quest which will trigger once you are near those areas. Otherwise, those markers will remain there incomplete. Also, I added this because some players can miss those notes and end up complaining despite the quest guide I placed on the DOCS tab.

setstage QMAmethyst 20
setstage QMBtharzilef 20
setstage QHelmfrost 20 

If you are not sure how to use these then please don’t update. Don’t forget to back up your saved files before updating. 

If you have not done any of the above questlines yet, you may update. Don’t forget to back up your saved files before updating.

-bosses' stats on Very Hard and Extremely Hard dungeons reduced so it's not too OP
-all bosses now respawn except for those that carry certain reward
-legendary bosses are now reduced so it's not too OP
-Champion of Vuldur stats is reduced so it's not too OP

-fixed Herder of Vominheim AI stats to be aggressive
-added a new quest "A Friend's Request" to start head to Spinrock cave, check the dead body of Hanvar
-added a new cave west of Alnorn Village - Spinrock Cave
-added a new dwemer ruin east of Wake Crest - Klathzilef (connected with the quest -A Friend's Request)

-fixed AI package of npc Thelma at Mer Varden
-fixed issue and rewrote quest for "A Horse with a Name"
-expanded the island at Alnorn village
-expanded dwemer ruin Nchuznak
-added a new quest:

New Quest "Chasing the Sea Vipers"
-to start visit the prison cell in Fort Volmin

-fixed the door on Khel Daral concerning the quest  "The Shield that got away"
-fixed the Quest stage on "The Shield that Got Away"
-added a new underground cave (Kandil's Hideout - near Westfrost Dovul Bal, look for the destroyed farmhouse)
-added a new dungeon called Kynvegr with a questline (quest starts at Kandil's Hideout)

-fixed and finalized navmesh on Stoneward Cave exterior (followers will now enter the cave)
-fixed and corrected the text on Quest on Enthril
-rewrite and correct the grammar book of Vuldur and His Disciples
-moved fast travel marker on Temple of Ingimund to be inside the quest trigger (can potentially bug the quest)
-some sarcophagi in Ingimund Temple move a little further inside so that when an ambush is triggered the top cover doesn't hang weirdly at the edge of the stair
-grammar fix on all books
-added ledge jump down navmesh on Mzund Til

-fixed the hostage girls for Quest "Rescue the Amethyst", they will now be oblivious during the rescue fight
-added a large cavern for Mzund Til
-added more enemies on Mzund Til

-fixed the chair on Enthril
-fixed and corrected the enchantment reward on Frostvault
-fixed and renamed the reward bracer on Frostvault
-fixed Sabre Camp navmesh
-fixed Coldspire Den navmesh
-added a new Hall on Whiteshore Village
-added new six (6) powerful followers
-added a new quest found at the Hall of Amethyst
-added a new cell on Mzund Til

-fixed all dungeons, caves, and houses with the correct usage of the coc marker heading
-fixed missing coc marker heading on some dungeons and caves
-added room-bound optimization to the following cells;
1. Aldmere
2. Angvarth
3. Banefrost
4. Bleakcoven
5. Blightrock
6. Btharzilef
7. Coldmist

-quick fix on a floating door at Northfolks Dock I forgot to disable (warning: pls. don't use it, it can jeopardize your quest, and apologies for this inconvenience)

-fixed and elevated all boat doors that set Quest marker to point underwater

-note on Herja's cave is placed inside a satchel to avoid clipping and can't be retrieved
-added a new catacomb under Wraith Bog Tower

-fixed questline "The Shield that got away" not completing
-fixed Elin Bard's missing voice when singing
-added a new location, Herja's Cave southeast of Alnorn Village

-fixed Frostdread cavern when exiting causing blur issue
-fixed Vorskull Grotto weapon reward unable to temper
-the fixed issue of Void Caller prematurely appearing at Whiteshore before Quest "The Vault of the Hound Singer" is triggered
-lowered the level stats of all Realms NPCs
-the minimum level requirement to go to Vominheim is now 20
-the reduced difficulty of some enemy stats and bosses
-difficult dungeons are divided into zones (refer to the POST section)

-fixed Malvak's power
-fixed journal placement for Khel Daral quest
-fixed Gyro Prancer location
-minor improvement to a few quest stages
-all three portal quests are now accessible even after the quests are completed
-added skybox lighting
-added new World Bosses
-added a new Extremely Difficult Dungeon, Frostvault Hallow
-added Dremora attacks on Whiteshore
-added cellar for Enthril

Added new Quests:

1. "The Giants of Vominheim" - To start read the book, The Giants of Vominheim.   found at the Apothecary Store on Alnorn and Mer Varden
2. Another mythic beast will appear after you read the book "The Giants of Vominheim".These beasts are friendly, attack them to initiate the fight. There are four (4) of them roaming the island;   
a. Matriach of Vominheim - western side of the island near Fallvern   
b. Wrathclaw - eastern side of the island at Vorthil Dovul Bal   
c. Coldsting - west of Froskyre Ruin
d. Glade Keeper - east side, near Norvahkor Ruin   

*Take note these mythic beasts will not drop unique rewards, because there are already a lot of unique weapons and armor that can be collected on Vominheim. These are here to serve as a challenge to your character's build.

3. "The Vault of the Hound Singer" - read note found along the shoreline of Frostvault Hallow. To get to Frostvault Hallow, take a row boat at Mer Varden Docks.

4. Dremora Attack on Villages triggers after the Vault of the Hound Singer is completed, as of now Whiteshore is the only one that has the attack scenario. Be careful not to hurt the villagers.

5. This will be my final dungeon add-on. From here I will be doing some minor updates only should there be bugs or things I missed.

-added practice arena in Magestead
-added a new quest "The Trials of Shadow"

-Froskyre expanded to a large dungeon
-Frozen Tide Refuge expanded to a large dungeon
-added a new frozen dwemer dungeon southeast of Mer Varden
-fixed Champion of Vuldur level stats (Still OP)
-fixed armor reward effects from Champion of Vuldur
-fixed English grammar in textbooks and notes
-added the location site of the portal shrine on the note from a questline

changelog v2.05.2
-fixed on an npc on Coldmist which was accidentally checked as invulnerable
-fixed on a reward armor when worn making the player's head disappear

changelog v2.05.1
-fixed an enemy npc on Coldmist which was accidentally clicked as a ghost therefore unkillable
-removed radiant quest enable on all the remaining dungeons
-fixed the entrance of Mzund Til preventing players from getting out
-fixed the floor on Willowgrim Basement w/c would make you fall off
-fixed a shield reward that I forgot to put an enchantment

changelog v2.05

-added questline and so many side quests to discover and enjoy
-new villages and loads of dungeons and caves to discover and explore
-a fixed lag issue on Whiteshore and Wake Crest
The land mass has been expanded and is now much bigger than before
-may require new gameplay ONLY for those who were using the old version (v2.04.1 and below)
-not compatible with older versions (v2.04.1 and below) due to the quest implementation
-newcomers do need new gameplay and may install mid-gameplay