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REAL new highres textures mainly for random commonly clutter and furnitures. This is Work In Progress and will be updated whenever I find the time.

Permissions and credits
Please Note: My screenshots are mixed with FXAA Injector (Immersive Environment profile) switched on and off, because I tend to forget about that when capturing images during regular gaming-rounds. So colors and shadows might look a bit more intense on some of them. Please try the textures in your own game and settings before complaining about contrast or such, if you're really interested.


This is a small re-texturing project mainly for minor and common textures of clutter and furniture. While everyone else seem to focus on enhancing the big and obvious things (And females)(And deleting their clothes), I thought I would do my part and get working with the little things instead. These textures are just as horribly down-scaled, and I'm gettin tired of facepalmingeverytime I see it inside houses and caves.

Just to get some things clear;

-This is REAL NEW TEXTURES made from scratch. So no up-scaled originals with some "flashy" filters here.
-I'm trying to keep things fairly optimized, so it's not like every fork and mug will have a 2048* texture. Resolution of textures are based on the size of objects that uses it. Should be no performance-hit.
-I'm doing my best to keep my textures true to the originals, with a few exceptions.
-Right now I'm a little eager with getting the worst things done, so I will most probably add more details on some textures later on (Consider everything WIP until the day I die).
-I'm not considering wasting time on anything that already looks good ingame. Only the less fortunate textures that stands out!
-I have about a thousand projects going on, so dont expect updates every day/week. But I'll do my best to find the time :)

I'm always open for suggestions of further improvements, or if there are any particular objects you would like me to fix. Post in comments or throw me a PM! Endorse if you like and want more (:


1.2b SMIM
*Fixed a bad seam on upperclass texture (Thx cestral for notice)

1.2 SMIM Patch
*Several modified furniture-textures added with proper paths for use with "Static Mesh Improvement Mod"

*Noble Class Furniture (affects tons of furniture)
*Major performance-tweaks by deleting unnecessary Alpha-channels
*Some color-corrections
*Optional 1024-capped version added for users with weak computers.

*color-tweaks to lowclass furniture & barset
*Remade firewood textures
*Various specular-tweaks
*Added 10 new textures and 10 new normals/speculars (middleclass furniture, barrels, axe, dead animals, ironpots, ladle)

1.0 Initial release
*Added 9 new textures with 9 new normals/speculars (Lowclass furniture, barset, horncandles, firewood, diningset, iron & lantern).

---Planned for future versions---

*More chests
*All clutter that matters
*Possibly furnitures from caves/ruins


Decide if you want to have the full version, or the optional separated versions for clutter only or furniture/containers only, or 1024 capped versions. Combining the two separate versions will contain the exact same textures as the full version.
The 1024-versions are for slower computers, where textures wont exceed 1024x1024 in resolution.
Extract the Data folder into your Skyrim-directory. Or install via Nexus Mod Manager. Overwrite any old versions!

If you're using "Static Mesh Improvement Mod", but want my textures for the furniture, then install the SMIM Patch. Just make sure to install SMIM first!


Check what files my mod contains and delete them from your Skyrim/Data/Textures-directory. Or unistall package via Nexus Mod Manager (Duh).


Causes no error with anything. If you have other mods that change the same textures, then install this last if you want all my textures, or install this first if you want other mods textures to overlap mine (Make sure they also replace normalmaps, or they will not match ingame unless you delete mine).


I will gladly let anyone use my textures in their mods/packs, as long as I'm notified about it and given proper credits in your readme. Send PM to Mr. Bravo on for direct contact, and I'll answere as soon as I can.

Please do not upload this on any other site than without my permission!

---Credits--- - Great source for free textures! - Same here, great archive!