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A patch for Farodadestin's port of Armors of the Velothi Pt. I.

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A patch for Farodadestion's port of Armors of the Velothi Pt. I.

If there are bugs let me know

Credits to Pulcharmsolis for making the original mod
Credits to Farodadestion for making the port
Credits to Katapan for making the Connecting Chain Handserif font that I used in the picture

Overwrite the main mod with this
The title should say it all

What it does:
All this does is replace the Bone Priest meshes with fixed ones as the original porter forgot to edit the meshes to remove things that crash LE so there is no reason to not download this if you use the port.

Use this or use Xtudo's version that can be found here

Note from Turtle:
If you looked in the posts tab on the port you may of saw that I said I would port the newest SE version of the mod which this is clearly not.
The reason is there is quite a few .ESPs that need to be tested and converted, some meshes need to be edited to stop them from CTDing the game and I need to try fix some HDT issues which when I look at all that to do I lose motivation to do that as it will take quite a bit of time to do
(A lot more then the stuff I normally port)
Not to meantion I have to get everything ready for when I have surgery on my knee so that also takes up time.
So we have this instead but one day I may port it as It would be better to have the most up to date version.

Profile wide clean up:
No .ESP or ESM so nothing to clean

If you want to help support me please check out my Patreon to help me keep making patches and ports
You can find it here