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This is a backport of my Bella's The Aspen Retreat on Skyrim SE. It adds a small player home for up to 6 children or 3 followers and 3 children or 6 followers just outside the city gates straight across the road from the stables.

Most images are taken from my SE version, but the house itself is identical.

Permissions and credits

*** Bella's "The Aspen Retreat" 2.0 is finally on LE!!!***

Along with the features listed below, the Aspen Retreat is now configurable!  You now have the option to change up the default children's bedroom to better suit your play style.  If you don't want to adopt kids, change the room into a modest armory.  If you prefer to use the space to accommodate your followers, convert it into rooms for your followers.  If you would like to have both followers and children, you can do that as well.  There is a manual added to aid you in configuring  your new home.  Be sure to read it before making your changes and always remember to save first!

New Additions:

Armory:  replaces the default 6 bed kids' room
Followers only:  Adds up to 6 beds for followers
Followers and children:  Adds 3 beds for follower and 3 beds for children
Empty Room:  Leave the default kids' room empty and use a mod like Jaxonz Positioner to place items you've collected or bought across Skyrim.


The Aspen Retreat is my newest player home and although it does lack some of the amenities of my The Meadows Cottage mod (no trophy room), it offers what The Meadows lacks.  It's true little homestead just outside the city gates of Riften and is my favorite of the two.  Below are some of the things you'll find should you decide to purchase the home.

Though it is not a hard requirement, there are a LOT of idles scattered about the property.  If you want your Dovahkiin to be able to interact with them, I highly recommend the mod Dovahkiin Can Lean Sit Kneel Lay Down.  It complements The Aspen Retreat well.


Although not an amenity, the house does cost 8,000 septims (just like the Meadows)
Teleport Tome
Hearthfire Multi-Adoption compatible for up to 6 kids
Outdoor smithing equipment (forge, workbench, grindstone, etc)
Indoor/outdoor alchemy and enchanting
Plenty of storage
Some chests, baskets, barrels, etc are linked to other containers (not to the crafting equipment)
CHICKENS!!! (Set protected so only you can kill them)

*** There is one known bug.  It doesn't really bother me, but some are more picky than me. lol  If you ask the kids if they want to play a game, regardless of the game you choose, they will run into the city to play it.  I have tried everything I could think of, consulted the nine divines, sacrificed Nazeem to Boethiah....nothing seems to work.  But I love the house and wanted to share.

Another point.....this house is located OUTSIDE of the city gates.  Critters, large and small, bandits and vampires, will occasionally wander there.  Then again, it is so close to the city gates and stables, you'll often find guards lounging on  your porch, chopping wood, crafting armor, and even chopping weeds in the garden.  It is what it is.

This mod uses the following assets by the following mod authors:

Bert's Bits & Bobs/TutorialsBunny
Toys by Garnet
Catering by Lilith
Curios by Lilith
Ready Clutter by Lilith
Lilith's Doilies
Lilith's Tablecloths
Modder Display Compendium by MrDanSG1
Scripts & Tutorials by Darkfox127
Food Containers by Blary
Bath & Towel resources by InsanitySorrow at the TES Alliance
Liam's Clutter Resources
Alchemy Jars by Pheo3309
Rocking Horses by Tamira
Sit And Read Script by Xaa/Jim Farris
Universal Item Display Resource by Ashenshugarll & AmethystDeceiver

Anyway, here is a brief walkthru.  Enjoy!