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A mod that allows you to level up in unarmed combat. With a Perk Tree add on for the One Handed skill tree. Finally a way to use unarmed combat, without invisible weapons or any equipped item.

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Unarmed Combat Leveling System

This mod allows all unarmed combat strikes to level up the One Handed skill. Allowing you to feel like you are still gaining combat experience from fist fighting. I made this mod with all of you unarmed enthusiasts in mind. I am a personal fan myself, I have always found the idea that Bethesda neglected us disappointing. I also feel like some of the other unarmed combat mods go a little too far for my personal tastes. So I made this. There are no equipped items for you to stress over. There are no invisible weapons to worry with. Just unequip all of your weapons and spells, and have some fun!

IMPORTANT: You may need to start a new game in order to get the scripts to refresh and activate properly. So if you download it and your One Handed skill does NOT level up while using unarmed attacks. Then you need to start a new game. I apologize for the inconvenience. But Skyrm can be a difficult beast at times.


I am leaving the perks as an optional file, just so people that already use mods to modify their perk trees. Can still enjoy leveling up using unarmed combat. HOWEVER I highly recommend downloading the perks. It will truly help to make unarmed fighting a viable combat style. Even in the late game. I don't know how much I would say that any of the perks are "Balanced" per say. If you feel that the abilities are too powerful, I would suggest turning up the difficulty. Or possibly downloading a mod that makes combat more difficult. I made this for my game, I keep the difficulty levels pretty high, and I use several combat mods. That make it even more so.

I do truly hope you enjoy it! If you do please make sure to endorse the file! It not only helps the mod grow and reach more fans. But it does also mean a lot to us modders. It helps us keep motivated to keep going, maybe even taking it a step further in the future.

I truly believe that the community is what makes this great. I believe that feedback and suggestions are what drive improvement and creativity. However, please try to be respectful. Not just to me but to each other. I will do my best to reply. I will also consider all reasonable requests and concerns. In fact I welcome it! I am limited to what can be done to Unarmed combat in the CK however. But I am always open to learn new things. Thanks!!!!!

Well that's it from me. Have fun, stay safe, and most importantly be kind to each other.