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A pair of slick, sleek, chic, thigh-high leather platform high-heeled boots for CBBE curvy. With NiO high heel transform.

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I wanted a pair of gothic platform boots for an outfit I was putting together, and I was surprised at how few option there were on Nexus for exactly this type of thing.  There was really only one that I could find, and they didn't quite fit the bill, so I made my own.  For my outfit, I specifically wanted a smooth look with no laces, buckles, zippers, etc.  I wanted them to look more like tights.  I'm quite happy with 'em, so I'm releasing 'em.  Here ya go.

These are made to fit CBBE curvy and are weight slider compatible.  Craftable at a tanning rack.  Available as either clothing or light armor variant.

Requirements: NetImmerse Override (for high heel height transform.)  If you have RaceMenu, then you have this.  So, basically, if you're even here, then you have this.  ;)

Note: If you enchant the boots, the description won't change, but the enchantment will work fine.  You can see it under active effects.

I only wish I could have given y'all the rest of the outfit, but unfortunately it contains lots of mixed 'n' matched assets of other authors that I don't have permission to use.  The boots were the only thing that I made myself, so that's all you get.  :P