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Play as a hat and "ride" NPCs and creatures to your destination! Like a lite version of Super Mario Odyssey. Made for fun and as a challenge.

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About The Mod:

This mod's concept was designed by a fan of Joov as part of a challenge to see if he could go from Helgen to Whiterun "as a hat." I've designed the mod to allow the player to "ride" any creature, although I've currently only provided hat visuals for vanilla creatures, excluding dragons (not for lack of trying, the hat just doesn't show up or shows up inside the dragon). 

How to Play:
Once the mod is loaded, you will be given a "Hat Target" spell. You can use this to target the actor you wish to "ride." The camera will follow the target until the target either dies or you cast the spell to "dismount," which is automatically equipped upon targeting an actor. If you wish to no longer play as a hat, simply unequip the hat that is equipped on you.

Quirks and How the Mod Works:
The mod works by turning the player invisible and adding the player to a bunch of enemy-friendly factions, so that the player won't be targeted, and then teleporting the player to the target actor anytime the actor moves to another cell. Because of this, you may get a brief loading screen in places where you wouldn't normally get them. On top of that, targeting a dragon will cause the player to die from fall damage when the dragon takes off.